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Boulogne sur Gesse is a small village of about 1,700 inhabitants located 30km in the North West of Saint-Gaudens, in the Comminges area. The name of this Haute Garonne town was chosen in homage to the Italian city called Bologne. Boulogne sur Gesse is a former fortified town ran across by the Gesse river. The adjacent department are Gers and Hautes Pyrenees.


In the heart of the town, the old stones tell the story of this fortified town built in the 13th century. Boulogne sur Gesse was designed on a grid pattern. In the South of the town, near the Gesse River, a few Nizors’ Cistercian abbey remains can be seen, lasting from the 12th century. In the town centre, you will see a beautiful archways’ square and a 15th century church.

Boulogne sur Gesse is located 90km from Lourdes, 60km from the Spanish Border, 80km from Toulouse, 31km from Saint-Gaudens and 45km from Auch ( Gers ).

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Boulogne sur Gesse Immobilier & Property Market Trends

The average property prices in Boulogne sur Gesse is below the national average. Indeed, the average price in France is €2,200/square meter whereas it is only €1,200/square metre. Buying a property in this area is thus a good investment which will be fast profitable, whether you are looking from a buy-to-let or a main home. Located in the countryside, near to any kind of landscape - mountains, sea, ocean, foreign country - Boulogne sur Gesse will seduce you as from the first sight.

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3 Reasons to Buy a Property in Boulogne sur Gesse

  • Nature: in Boulogne sur Gesse, nature is beautiful thanks to Men who take care of it and respect it. By foot or by bike, you can escape as from the corner of the street. Just open your eyes towards the green Gascogny hillsides or admire the amazing sunset towards the Pyrenees. Boulogne sur Gesse is synonym of nature, land and tradition. Boulogne sur Gesse’s lake is dominated by a eight archways’ viaduct. The lake is equipped with picnic tables, games from children, a large shadowed park, a swimming pool with a slide. You can even fish during the day and turn around the lake in a pedal craft. Everything is gathered to spend good moments with your family or your friends.
  • Historical culture: some monuments such as Notre Dame de l’Assomption church are worth visiting. This 14th century church houses wonderful frescos which represent Sainte Catherine d’Alexandrie’s life and martyr. In the surroundings, you can also discover the Musée de la Tuile (Tile Museum in English) or the Prehistory Museum and even the Montmaurin Gallo-Roman villa. Excavations dating from the 19th century revealed the most luxurious and the vastest Gallo-Roman villa in France.
  • Hiking: located close to the Pyrenees, Boulogne sur Gesse is the perfect location for hiking. Several paths are regularly used by hikers. The Abbey path allows to discover the ex Boulogne-Toulouse railway line. This track is totally marked so no risk to be lost. It leads to Nizors’ abbey, which is the initiator of Boulogne sur Gesse’s construction. Another beautiful place to discover by foot is the Biel and Montoussé’s hills. This is an enchanting site part of the Natura 2000 network which is the home to protected species.

Boulogne sur Gesse Architecture and Property Styles

  • Village houses: most village houses are old properties which may need to be renovated. They have often a chimney, a large floorsize and a land with outbuildings. You can find an interesting bargain if you are looking for a property which needs works.
  • Detached houses: they are very similar to village houses but have one more advantage; they are not surrounded with neighbours, so calmness is complete. Winter next to the chimney will offer you a great family life. The garden is the ideal place to organize barbecue during the summer. You will just enjoy the French southern lifestyle in your new property.
  • Farmhouses: they are originally large and have outbuildings such as barn or warehouse. They are often old properties and thus make handymen happy. The location also offer a beautiful scenery, the Pyrenees Moutains. If you are looking for a large property in a quiet place and wonderful landscape, you have just found the perfect location!
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