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Auch is the administrative centre of the Gers department and as a result it belongs to the Midi-Pyrenees region. It is also the capital city of the Gascony historical region. With 21,545 inhabitants, callled the Auscitains, the town is the largest one of the rather rural department.


Auch is a town which was already occupied by the Romans and even much before. It has been and continues to be an important religious centre. This is emphasized by its majestic cathedral which is also a basilica. This basilica is famous in the whole of Gascony for its splendour. Auch is proud to have been, for two thousand years now, the administrative capital of Gascony, once through the religious power, nowadays through the administrative role of prefecture. The town has 3 flowers out of four in the Villages in Bloom (ville fleurie) ranking.

Auch is built on two levels connected through large stone stairs. The upper-town corresponds in fact to the ancient quarters, built on the hill and the new quarters which spread over the meadows on the threshold of the said hill. Thick stone walls were built to protect the medieval town, located on the hill. Thus nowadays, when approaching Auch, the medieval profile is easily recognizable.

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Auch Immobilier & Property Market Trends

Properties in Auch are fairly inexpensive if we consider the assets of the area, the setting around and the strong style of the medieval town. House prices vary from €130,000 (1-bedroom house) to €201,700 (3-bedroom).

The town, like the rest of the Gers department, resists really well the real estate crisis and thus prices continue to increase, though slightly. Prices have much increased for the last 5 years (+12% per year on average).

The market for studio flats and apartments is the only one to undergo a (serious) decline in prices (-5% last year) with average prices of about €1,340/sq m seems to be a quite reasonable price.

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3 Reasons to Buy a Property in Auch

Auch is a very typical town from the south of France. As such, it shares a common identity with all other towns in the regions, but also has its own assets.

  • Climate: Auch is one of the dryest towns in France. If you are depressed by the gloomy climate of the UK or are willing to benefit from the sun beams for tanning or well-being reasons, Auch is the smart choice. Temperatures in August vary from 18 to 28, the record year being 2003 with 41°c. Winters are also very mild.
  • Gastronomy delights: Auch has the same assets as the whole of the Gascony area. The foie gras is obviously a first-class product, it is good to know how to savour it. Local wines are also famous such as the Armagnac and Floc de Gascogne. On an every day basis, the local markets will help you get the best (healthy) produce.
  • High demand: the demand for property in the area is still strong. Given the local assets and the swift access to the area, they may not stop increasing. An excellent and secure opportunity of investment. You can also buy land next to a town such as Auch; even if modest in many regions, land prices in France are stable, generally they go up each year.

Property Styles and Architecture in Auch

Auch is the historical capital of Gascony. As such, it boasts diverse property styles, as the rest of the area. Around the town, typical properties can also be found.

  • Village houses: these houses are located within 15km around Auch. They are generally gorgeous and offer more then 150sq m of living space. The main characteristics are a rustic appearance, exposed stones inside and outside, wood (beams), large rooms. They generally feature a stone fireplace which is massive. Many of them comprise a first storey being much more luminous than the ground floor corresponding to different uses. These properties are often actual bargains (less than €1,000/sq m) but the majority are in need of renovation. Definitely an excellent potential.
  • Maisons de ville: these town houses are smaller than the village houses described above. They generally offer less than 90 sq m of habitable space. These properties are simple stone houses with two storeys. The most interesting have a garden in front and at the back of the house. These houses are often advertised under the name ‘villa’ or ‘village house’. In the latter case, they are often in fact village houses (massive dimensions, luminous etc).
  • Large farmhouses: farmhouses can be found in the Gascony area around Auch. These houses come with huge gardens and lots of greenery. They are generally massive and recall the typical Mas architecture, though they are often more elegant than the ones typically found in the neighbouring Languedoc. However, be wary when looking for such a property in this area: many lost much of their traditional character during the renovation process (addition of concrete walls, swimming pool etc.).

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