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Vic-Fezensac was created long ago and now comprises 3,600 inhabitants. Many vestiges of ancient eras remain such as old houses, churches, ramparts. Vic Fezensac is renowned in the whole south west and even in the entire country for its two festivals: Pentecote a Vic, which is characterized by bullfighting, and Tempo Latino, which is salsa festival. Both festivals tell long about the identity of the town: between Spanish traditions and Gascony culture Vic Fezensac is a very welcoming and laid back town.


Vic Fezensac surrounding is very beautiful and stands out for the huge sunflowers fields and vineyards. The area is very hilly and on the road leading to the town the panorama is just breathtaking. Located at the heart of the Pays d’Armagnac like Condom, the production of wine and agricultural produces is very large in the area.

Markets and fairs in Vic Fezensac make the pride of the Armagnac inhabitants. In summer, night markets take place too and draw a massive crowd. The town is also ideal for sport lovers. The countryside all around is perfect for practising biking and hiking, moreover Pyrenees are within 2 hours driving which enables locals to go skiing, climbing and hiking in the Pyrenees fairly easily.

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Vic Fezensac Immobilier & Property Market Trends

Property in the area is still quite cheap. Since 12/2007, prices have been seriously dropping and many houses and apartments are now bargain offers! A property in Gers costs €1,836 /sq m on average but around Vic Fezensac prices are more likely to be around €1,600. An apartment costs €1,977 /sq m, which can be considered expensive but given the quality of life in the department, much justified. Once again, Vic Fezensac is cheaper with €1,700 on average. As the area is easily accessible and has much on offer, it is quite easy to let property Pau or Toulouse airports are close, high-speed trains are available in Toulouse or Tarbes).

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4 Reasons to Buy a Property in Vic Fezensac

Vic Fezensac has a distinct profile in Gers and has particular assets apart from those boasted by most towns in the French department.

  • Gastronomy: food in the whole Gers, and as a result in Vic, is a genuine art de vivre. People take their time when it comes to cook, and cooking and eating is one of the most important moment during the day. There are many specialties, however here are the most common ones, the ones you would eat in each single Gascony families: the Garbure is the main dish during winter, it is a soup made with all the vegetables available (but always with a basis made of potatoes, cabbage and garlic) and duck meat; the Tourin is another soup made with garlic, eggs and aniseed alcohol (Ricard for instance). Garlic in Gascony is very important and it is what gives the special taste and flavour to all the dishes.
  • Breathtaking landscapes: if you are looking for a peaceful area surrounded by the countryside and sunflower fields and vineyards as far as the eye can see, then Vic’s countryside will seem like a paradise for you. Typical pictures of the Gers department, with sunflowers, vineyards and hilly countryside, are usually taken in Vic area.
  • Easy access: Vic Fezensac is located at a crossroads, in central Gers. As such the town is easily accessible. The town is not far from Pau, Tarbes, Auch and Mont de Marsan. A very central position which is very good if you plan to let your property.
  • Vibrant festivals: the town is the ideal expression of the - excuse the pun - rural idyll. Thanks to its two festivals it attracts people from all over the country. Pentecote a Vic takes place during long week end of Pentecost (with the Monday being a bank holiday) and is dominated by bullfighting. The other festival is Tempo Latino and is the largest salsa festival in Europe (with festival latino Americando in Milano, Italy). The festival attracted 65,000 visitors in 2006 and is prepared during the whole year.

Property Styles and Architecture in Vic Fezensac

As the area is foremost an architectural one property styles are clearly more relaxed than in northern parts of Gascony such as Auch. The architecture is less bourgeois and the materials used are often of a lower quality (sandstone for instance). You will thus see more farmhouses and stone houses than maisons de maitre (which you may however see, equipped with farming outbuildings, which explains why they are often mistaken with uncommonly prestigious farmhouses).

  • Gascon houses: these stone properties were originally farms. You will thus recognize characteristics of the latter such as a large gate to access a basement storage room or cellar, a courtyard in front of the property and a tiled roof. In the house, stone and wood are omnipresent (exposed beams, stairs, walls).
  • Front-gabled properties: the front-gabled houses that you can find in the area are often actual witnesses of the agricultural past of the area. They generally served as shelters for farmers employed by important landowners. The front of these properties can sometimes recall that of maisons landaises. These houses are generally very simple and modest but can do ideal holiday homes once restored – if need be.
  • Chartreuses: chartreuse houses can be found around Vic Fezensac, though they generally have more modest dimensions than the classic ones which are normally very prestigious properties. In this area, Chartreuse houses often have a large gate on one side as well as outbuildings which evoke their agricultural usage. They have massive dimensions and generally walls do not present exposed stones.

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