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Condom’s actual name is Condom-en-Armagnac, recalling that the town is part of an area deeply rooted in tradition. The town is the sub-prefecture of the Gers department and accounts for 7,200 inhabitants called the Condomois. The town spreads over a land of 97.37 km², a very large surface for a commune of this size. Condom benefits from excellent road links such as the main roads (routes nationales) 113, 21 and 124. It is thus very well connected with Agen, Tarbes and Mont de Marsan.

Condom has lost many inhabitants for the last decades but the growing interest for rural preserved areas means that many people are willing to settle.


The town was famous in the past for being a shelter for pilgrims walking on the way to Santiago de Compostela, the famous Spanish town. As Auch, its development was much upheld during the Middle-Ages by this fact and many buildings were constructed in the Gersoise town (convents, churches, abbey, cathedral).

Pilgrims loved the Armagnac brandy and there was thus a high demand. Indeed, they used it not only as a drink but also to disinfect or heal wounds. The drink became renowned very quickly and started to be sold all over France. For this, the river was ideal as it allowed a swift transport of the product to Bordeaux for instance. Condom is not so renowned nowadays but definitely remains a pleasant city to live in or visit. The town is so authentic and green, and radiates quietness.

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Condom Immobilier & Property Market Trends

Properties in Condom are generally very large: indeed, 60% of houses in the town have more than 4 rooms. As in the rest of Gers, prices have increased by 12% a year on average. A 4-room property costs approximately €133,500, the average price of a property in the area being €171,100.

This means that the area is definitely cheap when compared with Auch (€179,000) and not that expensive if we consider property prices in the somewhat remote Mirande (€156,000).

Due to low offer, apartments in Condom are quite expensive: €3,280/sq m on average. This is more or less the price of an apartment in the city of Toulouse!

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4 Reasons to Buy a Property in Condom

Condom combines many assets to seduce and retain its inhabitants.

  • Development potential: the area is welcoming new activities and companies, foremost specialized in the new technologies and industries. This attracts new inhabitants. The global trend of the ‘urban exodus’ also means that new inhabitants settle each year in Condom. They are attracted by this much preserved environment.
  • Terroir life: Condom bets on its Terroir assets: vineyards of the area produce the famous Armagnac and many street markets are organized in the town. Farms around the town also produce food deligths such as cheeses, foie gras and organic produces. An authentic lifestyle. The town is really proud of all its assets and exhibitions are organized to bring it to light.
  • The Rural idyll: if you are a nature lover, you will definitely want to settle in the Condom area. The river is ideal to relax and you can hire a boat to freely enjoy it. The nature is colourful in this area of France, and the mix of green, yellow, blue and brown colours make local landscapes look like paintings.
  • Healthy living: a great place to live a healthy life: the coutryside around is adapted to any kind of sports such as horse-riding, fishing, hiking, tennis, swimming, golf or cycling. Motor sports can also be done such as trail bike riding, not to mention rugbym the local sport! Along with this, you will be able to buy great produce from the region, directly from local producers, and the stress is reduced to a minimum in this area of France.

Property Styles and Architecture in Condom

Condom is still very little-known by Brits and even by Frenchmen who overlook this area when contemplating buying a house in the south. Thanks to this, property prices in the town remain much moderate and will allow you to buy large properties at great prices. Houses generally come with large gardens (often hectares indeed).

  • Town houses: Condom’s town houses are often inexpensive and offer a garden in front of the house. As well as the area all around, it is rare to see a garden not planted with many trees. These houses are often simple and modest in size but often boast exposed stones in the walls and are generally comfy. On our website, town houses in Condom generally start around €100,000.
  • Mills: numerous renovated mills are available for sale in the area. They are generally full of charm. Stones are exposed inside and outside the house. Inside the house, wood beams are exposed too. These very rustic properties can offer large rooms and a garden. They often have several storeys and can be wonderful renovation projects as the demand for mills is quite high.
  • Barns: there is plenty of barns either renovated or to restore around Condom. Their style is very special and easily recognizable, with impressive stone walls and often only a ground floor. A very good investment for buy-to-let projects. It is not rare to see a pigeonnier/dovecote tower attached to the entrance gate of the property.
  • Chartreuse properties: these luxury properties are generally vast and have a massive square shape. Living and dining-rooms can generally accommodate dozens of people. The living space is organized in height too thanks to mezzanines and wood is much used: doors and doors’ frames, mezzanine structure, cupboards, beams, floor, pieces of furniture. The view over the Pyrenees is often the final touch of these elegant houses.
  • Maisons de maitre: landlords' houses are unmistakable. Their colonial appearance is highlighted by an imposing symmetrical layout. These bourgeois properties are now available to anyone who has a sufficient budget: prices vary from €100,00 to €900,000 on average. Rooms are large and luminous and the garden attached is also vast. These very sought-after properties often boast outbuildings too which shows their excellent potential as guest houses.

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