Gers Property Types

Gers boasts different property types according to the area. Half-timbered properties is the dominant property type in Gers, sometimes with rammed earth front façades. Houses with walls made of pebbles (sometimes also in the Toulouse area) can also be found.

Gers Half-Timbered Properties
Gers Bastides
Gers Maisons de Maitre
Gers Pebbles Houses
Gascony Pisé / Rammed Earth Properties
Gers Chartreuses

The central part of the Gers department of France has many maisons de Maitre houses. This department boasts many fortified medieval villages. Next to these villages, Bastide houses were built that you can still find nowadays, mainly in the Lomagne area (North-East of the Gers French Department). To the south of Gascony, the construction is based on river stones, and to the east the architecture is poorer with lots of farmhouses constructed with mud bricks. Across the whole region the countryside is dotted with handsome stone built farmhouses chateaux and elegant manor houses. The inside of Gers houses are often characterised by wide stone fireplaces and oak stairs. In the northern Gers, sandstone can be found, to the west more colombage (half-timbered) houses are present. There are three traditional categories of roof tiles used in Gers. The tuile picon, a flat clay tile, also used in the Bearn area of France. In Gers roofs are less sloping and a bevelled clay tile can be used. Near the mountains, slated roofs are more common.