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Mirande is a Bastide town located along the Baïse river, which runs all over Gers. As every Bastide, it had in the past a defensive function which explains why it was walled until the 19th century, when the walls were destroyed partially. At that time, a castle stood outside of the coty walls and reinforced its massive aspect. The name ‘Mirande’ means ‘which is pleasant to look at’, a much justified name as the setting in this part of Midi Pyrenees is lovely. The town has always been a stage in the journey of Pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela.

You will be stunned by the town’s shape and planning. Indeed, everything in Mirande was originally planned to serve its defensive purpose. In terms of style, the most remarkable assets of Mirande are half timbered properties and charming streets with much character. The town may be more remote than others in Gers but is really worth the journey.

Brits will be happy in the area also because of Mirande’s delightful street markets. Mirande currently accounts for 3,700 inhabitants.

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Mirande Immobilier & Property Market Trends

Mirande’s property market is slightly different from the global Gers department’s one. Indeed, in 2009 prices in the small town are very low, on average - €20,000 when compared with other areas of Gers. For a 2-bedroom property, the average price is €97,000 (around Auch, to the north of Gascony, a similar house costs €130,000!). 3-bedroom and 4-bedroom properties in Mirande are also very good choices financially, staying around €140,000. However, 5-bedroom properties are quite expensive with an average price of €230,000.

In spite of the great outdoors around Mirande and its very charming style, the town is still very affordable. An excellent choice if you wish to drive a bargain while still benefitting form the well-known assets of the Gers.

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4 Reasons to Buy a Property in Mirande

Mirande is one of those charming town of the Gers whose assets will convince you easily. Along with surprisingly low prices, the town offers a quite relaxed and healthy lifestyle.

  • Food delights: as many towns in Gers, Mirande makes the most of the local gastronomy. The Gascon specialities are on offer, with duck magret, goose, foie gras and the most renowned Armagnac and Floc de Gascogne drinks. Local restaurants are generally great to taste these dishes while sipping a glass of traditional Armagnac produce.
  • Health and sport: the area is ideal for nature and sport lovers. The street markets offer the best products available in Gers, also allowing you to find many organic produce or to buy these directly from the farmer. Fresh seafood originating from the neighbouring Aquitaine is available. Sport activities are abundant: you can practise golf, cycling, horse-riding, hiking as well as watersports on the neighbouring rivers or lakes. Rugby is a passion too for the locals. Why not try new sports then?
  • Environment: the town provides its inhabitants with a very pleasant architecture and authentic property styles. Festivals take place in Mirande as the Country music festival occurring in the first half of July or the celebrations in August. Along with this, the outstanding climate that the locals enjoy explain why many Brits choose Mirande when looking for property in Gers.
  • Transport links: easily accessible by air, Mirande can also be reached by using the TGV fast trains through Toulouse’s station (with Eurostar too). Motorways from Bordeaux or Toulouse are a swift and secure way to get around. This means that property value in the area is upheld by a good access as yourself or holidaymakers will easily get to Mirande.

Property Styles and Architecture in Mirande

The southern part of Gascony has many houses whose construction is based on river stones. This part of Gers has very interesting property styles.

  • Pebble houses: this shows the strong influence of Aquitaine on Gers (let’s recall that Guyenne, the former French province, was very large and encompassed Gascony). Pebble houses make much use of stones found in rivers. They are mainly used in walls, inside and outside. Layers of bricks are often used to ensure stability of the whole construction, sometimes hidden, sometimes visible. If you plan to restore such a house, careful to the cost of such works as this is require rare skills.
  • Half-timbered houses: these properties can be found both in the town centre or in the meadows at the foot of the town. In the latter case, these properties can be really massive and generally were farmhouses in years gone by. Renovating such a house in Mirande can be a clever project if you plan to open a guest house: they offer much land at a low price, the house is very traditional and the setting adorable.
  • Town houses: Mirande’s town houses often look like Bastide properties. This is no wonder when you know the defensive past of the town. Such properties have a symmetrical layout and many windows ensure that the inside of the house is very luminous. These houses are ideal during summer due to the fact that they have pleasant gardens and terraces.

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