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Beaumont-de-Lomagne is a lovely bastide town of the Tarn et Garonne department. Located at the border with Gers between Agen (59km) and Toulouse (61km), this town belongs to the Lomagne region - a natural area in north east of Gascony between Gers and Tarn et Garonne. The Lomagne had been forgotten for a long time but knows nowadays a revival thanks to its communauté de communes (gathering of towns or villages located in the same neighbourhood that aim at creating a common area and have a unique administration). Indeed the neighbouring small towns have a great economic situation and are increasing their tourist infrastructures.


Beaumont was founded at the end of the 13th century and is a perfect model for a royal bastide. The locals - called the Beaumontois - are more than 3,700. Beaumont de Lomagne has a pleasant setting. At the heart of the Lomagne region, it has outstanding landscapes on offer…The unspoiled nature and green hills are a real heaven for nature lovers. The Gimone river runs through Beaumont Lomagne. Let’s visit Beaumont de Lomagne, the gentle way of life will for sure make you want to stay there for a few days or for your whole life!

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Beaumont-de-Lomagne Immobilier & Property Market Trends

Property prices in the Tarn et Garonne department are affordable if we compare them to house prices in other departments of south of France. In 2009, the average price in this French department is €1,723 / square metre for a property to buy, whereas the national average is €3,200 / square metre. You will spend incredibly more money if you invest in a property in Toulouse, Montpellier or Bordeaux! Beaumont is of course less famous than these cities but this lovely bastide town also has many assets that will seduce you and very competitive property prices.

Beaumont account for 1,723 homes, 84% of which are main houses. If you plan to buy a large detached house in southern France, Beaumont de Lomagne is the perfect place: almost 86% of the properties there are detached houses and 5+rooms homes represent 37.5% of the total number of houses. Moreover, there are many vacant properties that are awaiting somebody to buy them, why not be this person?

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5 Reasons to Buy a Property in Beaumont

Situated at the heart of the Lomagne region, Beaumont is a thriving town. Tourism is developing more and more especially thanks to the community centre ‘ le Lomagnol’. Prosperous shops added to a rich and dense cultural life make of Beaumont de Lomagne a great place.

  • Bastide town: Beaumont has remained very similar to how it was in 1276 as it was built and attracts nowadays many holidaymakers. You cannot stay impervious to the charm of the buildings of this lovely bastide town: numerous brick and half-timbered houses in narrow typical streets, a large 14th century covered market square made exclusively of wood and tiles, a Toulouse-style octagonal bell-tower, a gothic church (was successively a fortress, a cathedral, a necropolis, etc) which is listed as an historical monument, etc.

  • Good location: the town is good situated: close to the frontier with the gers department, 61km north west of Toulouse, 52km north east of Auch and 36km south east of Montauban. Toulouse/Blagnac airport is only 55min from the town and daily TGV high speed trains go from Paris to Toulouse for instance. Beuamont de Lomagne’s location and easy accessibility are real assets if you want to invest in a buy-to-let property there. The town is also adjacent with numerous nice and quiet villages such as Sérignac, Esparsac, Gimat, Auterive and Vigueron that will delight nature and traditions lovers.

  • Garlic: the Lomagne region has plenty of quality products on offer, the most famous one being the white garlic. The mild climate and rich clay soil of the area offer the ideal growing conditions for this condiment that is part of many dishes in France. On all the head of garlic eaten in the country, one out of three was cultivated in the Lomagne region! Garlic really has a privileged place in Beaumont de Lomagne as well as in the region: the fête de l’ail is a festival happening in July every year during which the inhabitants pay homage to garlic. There is also a garlic show in August with comparisons of garlic wares (you can find garlic in all shapes and sizes - in platted bunches, loose heads and in bulk) in front of judges and even a garlic sculpture competition. Eiffel towers, chateaux and globes are ‘built’ in garlic! The varied garlic shows and weekly garlic markets are a great opportunity to sample all manner of tasting and choose from an incredible variety of garlic based products.

  • Activities: horse breeding is an old tradition in Beaumont de Lomagne. Since the 19th century, purebred French horses have been reared in this area. Horses lovers will be pleased in Beaumont de Lomagne as there are plenty of possibilities to ride horses: marked trails in the countryside, trick riding, games, horses care, etc. The hippodrome de Borde-Vieille (Beaumont de Lomagne’s racecourse) is located close to a lake and hosts many of the French most prestigious trotting races. The 30-hectare lake has a beach that gives the opportunity to swim in summer but also to practice windsurfing, sailing and fishing all year round.

  • Events: apart from the famous garlic festival, you will find many cultural manifestations in Beaumont. Amongst others: the fairytale festival (January), Fermat festival (April), children's festival (May), beef festival (August), book show (November) as well as numerous exhibitions and car boot sales.

Property Styles and Architecture in Beaumont-de-Lomagne

  • Renovated farmhouses: you will find in Beaumont many restored farmhouses. Always surrounded with huge pieces of land, these properties are both rustic and modern. They have some modern features but keep an authentic charm with imposing wood beams, a porch at the entrance of the house, a stone chimney and wood ceilings for instance. Offering unrestricted views over the rolling hills, you will enjoy living in this very private setting. You will not be disturbed as at the heart of an unspoiled nature.

  • Modern villas: on a hill top overlooking the valley and rolling hills, many huge and pretty properties are available in Beaumont de Lomagne. Composed of numerous rooms of large size, these modern villas also have a terrace, private swimming-pool and a garden of several acres.

  • Village houses: these houses are always made of cement and have a tiled roof. Often of small dimensions, they still offer a practical layout. The door , windows and shetters are in wood, painted or not. Village houses are close to all commodities and attached with similar properties.

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