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Moissac is a nice town of the Tarn et Garonne department, in south west France. Located on the ancient pilgrimage Route of Santiago de Compostella, it is famous for its growing of chasselas grape and its abbey church and cloister. The Pyrenees mountains, Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea are about 200km away from this small provincial town that is the confluence point of varied regions such as Languedoc, Rouergue, Quercy, Aquitaine and Gascony. Water is vital in Tarn et Garonne and Moissac is not an exception to the rule. It is home to important waterways: the Tarn River and Garonne’s canal as well as an extension of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Canal du Midi (canal that goes from Toulouse to Bordeaux) flow through the town.


The 12,354 Moissagais (locals) are proud of their nice and quiet village. Tarn et Garonne is renowned for its fertile soil. Indeed, it is a great area for fruit growing (melons, kiwi fruit, peaches, etc.) and 80% of the fruit produced in the Midi Pyrenees region is grown in the department. Moissac is famous for growing the chasselas grape used to do a delicious wine. This town boasts an unspoiled nature, welcoming inhabitants as well as plenty of activities on offer. Let’s discover Moissac!

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Moissac Immobilier & Property Market Trends

House prices in the Midi Pyrenees region have been increasing for the last ten years, this area of France being amongst the most sought-after. The Tarn et Garonne department is neither the most expensive one of the region, nor the cheapest. Houses’ prices are above the national average prices, whereas buying an apartment in this department cost less than in many French towns or cities.

Buying a house in Moissac is affordable given the good location and the assets of the town. You will pay around €1,700 / square metre for an apartment to buy there in 2009. Property prices in the neighbouring towns and villages such as Castelsarrasin, Saint-Nicolas-de-la-Grave, Merles or Labastide-du-Temple are similar to the ones in Moissac. As far as houses are concerned, the average price has decreased of 1.7% in the last year and is now €136,600.

If you are looking for a large detached house, you will definitely find your dream house in Moissac as such houses represent the majority of all the properties (76%) and the part of 5+rooms houses is also important (37%).

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5 Reasons to Buy a Property in Moissac

Moissac is a small but pleasant town that has many treasures to be discovered. An outstanding architectural heritage, essential place given to nature, animated life, etc. Moissac, which is also easy to reach, is awaiting you!

  • Religious heritage: Saint-Pierre abbey has a 12th century tympanum, portico statues and cloister with a roof structure dating from later 15th century). The abbey, church and cloister are listed amidst the World Heritage Sites of the Santiago de Compostella’s Routes in France. According to legend, the Frankish king Clovis founded the abbey. But actually historical information proved that the bishop of Cahors - Saint Didier - built it during the 7th century. You will find a centre of Romanesque Art with numerous documents on medieval sculpture, illumination and wall-paintings.

  • Water: Moissac gives an essential role to nature in general. Water has always been present in the town’s history: the Tarn river and the Garonne’s canal make the pride of the town. The Tarn’s river was formerly used to transport the wheat of the Quercy’s hills the flour of which was grinded in Moissac’s mill and renowned for its high quality. The Tarn’s basin is a lake that allows practising many sport and tourist activities such as fishing, boating, water skiing, rowing, etc. The pont canal du Cacor is the confluence point of the Tarn river and Garonne’s canal. Built in 1845 with Quercy’s stone and bricks from Toulouse, this 15-archways bridge has impressive dimensions: 356m long, 8.35m wide and 2.70m tall. It is undoubtedly a great art work and a major architectural element of the region.

  • Events: the traditional fête des marins (sailor’s celebration) has been taken place in Moissac for ages. It is held on the Saturday, Sunday and Monday of the Pentecost on the wonderful Promenade du Moulin (Mill’s walk). It is the celebration you should attend if you want to discover Moissac’s warm art de vivre.

  • Nature: many hiking pathways pass through Moissac. The most renowned one being the Santiago de Compostella pilgrim route - listed at UNESCO. The Chemin de Halage (towpath) along the Garonne’s canal, the country hiking pathway and numerous other small pathways will allow you appreciating the rich and varied agriculture as well as the panoramic views on the region. With your family or friends, wether you are just a walker or an experienced hiker, you will for sure enjoy discovering the region while strolling!

  • Easy access: the choice is wide if you want to go to Moissac: you can take the TGV high speed train lines from Paris/Bordeaux/Toulouse to Montauban - the train station being at 30min from Moissac - drive on the A62 motorway, the RN113 (national road, axis Bordeaux-Toulouse-Narbonne) or come by plane arriving in Castelsarrasin-Moissac’s civilian aerodrome or Toulouse-Blagnac’s airport. You also have the possibility to reach Moissac by using waterways on the canal des deux-mers and canal de Garonne.

Property Styles and Architecture in Moissac

  • Rustic stone houses: often set in a huge garden, these stone houses date back to the 19th century and come with a garage, a well and a private swimming-pool. The walls are of course made of stone, both inside and outside of the house. The roof often has a sort of corbel with pieces of wood that jut out of the wall to bear its superincumbent weight. Most properties have been partly-renovated and offer many rooms. There are often wood beams in the living-room. These rustic stone houses have a great location that provides great accessibility whilst offering the tranquillity associated with the south west of France and its many attractions.

  • Farmhouses: often located in hamlets around Moissac, you will find numerous charming farmhouses with large dimensions and a huge land surrounding the properties. These detached properties offer many rooms and nice views on the hamlet and the surroundings. A barn is always attached to the house, which give an authentic style to the whole property. Wood beams can be found inside. Renovation is sometimes needed and will give the house more value. It is a very good investment.

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