14ème arrondissement - Observatoire Property Insight

The 14ème arrondissement is located on the left bank of the Seine River, in the south of Paris. As the 20 districts, the 14th has a name: L’Observatoire. About 134,370 inhabitants live there (2006). It is adjacent to the 6th, 5th, 13th and 15th arrondissements.


A must-visit is the catacomb of Paris where you will discover six million of skulls and bones along the tunnel (about 160,000 visitors each year). On Place Ferdinand-Brunot, the artists’ market take place each Sunday from 10:30. Shopping lovers will also be charmed: Rue d’Alesia is home to numerous shops with cut-price designer clothing.

The Observatoire i.e. the 14th arrondissement of Paris is divided into four administrative quarters, as follows:

  • Quartier du Montparnasse: the name of the quarter was given by neighbouring students who came to declaim rhymes on a hillcock, with reference to the mont Parnasse. The latter was the residence of the Muses of the Greek mythology. The hill was demolished and is now a great walk location. As from the French Revolution, numerous danse halls and music halls set up, amongts which thee remowned Bal Bullier. The rail station drives to the west and the south west of France (from Granville to Toulouse). You will also find in this quarter a famous cemetery. Also admire the 210m tall scyscraper called Tour Montparnasse.
  • Quartier du Parc-de-Montsouris: it is named after the eponymous park located on its land. This quarter is essentially residential. Before its creation in 1860, the area was rural. Today, many collective facilities: hospital, park, university centre. Individual properties can be found in this quarter, especially to the west ofthe park. However, they are sold at a very high price. Its architecture is diversified: modern buildings, Haussman-style buidings, detached houses...
  • Quartier du Petit-Montrouge: the late urbanization of the quarter as well as the disponibility of the land led to a diversity of architecture. Haussman-style buildings are little numerous. Plaster front facades are the testimony of quarter’s working class past. One of the particularity of this quarter is the abundance of town houses and artist workshops. This residential area is not home to many offices. Thus, it is now sought-after by investors due to the absence of high buildings, to the presence of many shopkeepers, typical architecture and green spaces.
  • Quartier de Plaisance: around 1840, the owner of a rotisserie bought plots of lands and built houses. He gave his quarter the name of Plaisance. Located close to the railway station, a lively nightlife is within easy reach. The Rue d’Alesia passes through this area, renowned for its shops.
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14ème arrondissement - Observatoire Immobilier & Property Market Trends

In 10 years, property prices in the 14th arrondissement of Paris doubled. However, since the beginning of the real estate crisis, prices have dropped. In 2009, a property in the 14th is sold €6,540 /sq m and rented €24.20 /sq m a month.

Sought-after locations: town hall’s surroundings, Daguerre quarter, Montparnasse closeness and around Montsouris Park. Properties there are more expensive in general. The south of the arrondissement is off-centre and thus not really attractive to investors. Apartments and houses are cheaper, as situated towards the périphérique.

The following table will let you know more about property prices in each quarter of the 14th district of Paris:

Quarter Property price € /sq m (2009) Evolution in 2008
Montparnasse 7,990 +7%
Montsouris 6,080 -6.5%
Petit Montrouge 6,320 -1.1%%
Plaisance 6,670 +2.6%

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Characteristics of the 14ème arrondissement - Observatoire

  • Observatoire de Paris: in 1666, the project of the creation of an astronomical observatory equiped with modern tools gave birth to the observatory of Paris. It aimed at establishing navigation maps. This is the first observatory built in the world. The four front facades of the building are oriented towards the cardinal points. It is nowadays one of the worldwide centre in terms of astronomical research.

  • Artistic community: although the famous district of Montmartre is renowned for its artistic life, the quartier du Montparnasse attracts numerous artists (e.g. Pablo Picasso, Guillaume Apollinaire, Jean Paul Sartre, André Breton) who prefer this working-class area close to the historical centre of Paris. During the 1920’s Montparnasse was the intellectual and artistice centre of Paris. Artists used to meet in cafés which became famous: Le Dôme, La Closerie des Lilas, La Rotonde, le Sélect, la Coupole and Le Boeuf sur le toit. During WWII, the artistic community has to leave, and Montpanasse never lost its glory. Art lovers are advised to visit Montparnasse Museum which displays temporary exhibitions.

  • Nightlife: from the 1960’s, the 14ème arrondissement became a business district, especially in Montparnasse quarter. The tower as well as a shopping centre were built. Dynamic during the day due to the numerous offices in the area, the 14th is also lively in the evening. The choice of restaurants, cinemas and bars is large. Nightlife is buzzing all around the railway station

  • Parks and gardens: the Parc du Montsouris is probably the most famous park of the 14th arondissement of Paris and one of the most colourful of the French capital. Discover exotic varieties of trees (giant sequoia, ginkgo), caves, waterfalls and bronze statutes. Other park and squares in the arrondissement will let you benefit from the tranquility of the residential area.

  • Montparnasse cemetery: four cemeteries were built in the city of Paris. Montmartre in the north, Père-Lachaise in the east, Montparnasse in the south and Passy at the heart of the capital. In Montparnasse cemetery, numerous renowned French artists and intellectuals are burried such as Charles Beaudelaire, Jean Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, Guy de Maupassant, Serge Gainsbourg.

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