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Seine et Marne is one of the eight departments of the Paris Ile de France region, the other ones being Paris, Essonne, Seine Saint Denis, Hauts de Seine, Val de Marne, Val d’Oiseand Yvelines. It also belongs to the large crown of Paris. Seine et Marne is one of the most renowned departments in the region, probably thanks to its assets, from historical heritage to tourism infrastructures. The administrative centre of the department is Melun and the department gathers around 1,229,000 inhabitants, living in 514 towns and villages.


Seine et Marne is located east of Paris Ile de France and shares borders with Picardy, Champagne Ardenne, Burgundy and the Centre region. It is also the vastest department of the region, with 5,915sq km. Through the department run two rivers, the Seine and the Marne, after which the department has been named.

Owing to its large area, Seine et Marne is a rich department which houses as much rural areas as an extension of Paris suburbs. It is the largest department in the region as regards agriculture, as 60% of its territory is covered by crops, mainly wheat and sugar beets. Thanks to its location close by Paris and next to the Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport, the economy of Seine et Marne also relies on transportation and logistics. Tourism in another large source of income for the department. As a matter of fact, due to its cultural and historical heritage, the area attracts many visitors, not to mention the Disney Entertainment Park which is one of the most tourist attractions in France!

Seine et Marne is also renowned for its business tourism. It is indeed ideally located, close by Paris infrastructures and within easy access to the countryside, and displays all the required facilities, such as conference room, etc. Seine et Marne is both a dynamic department thanks to its closeness to Paris and a peaceful department with a large countryside.

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Seine et Marne Immobilier & Property Market Trends

Property prices in Seine et Marne in April 2009

Property types Price €/ sq m Average price € Average area
Apartment 3,168 199,911 67sq m
House 2,548 329,622 133sq m
Farm 1,837 246,098 141sq m
Domain estate 2,312 350,147 152sq m
Seine et Marne Total €2,692/sq m

Since a property in France in 2009 is sold around €3,200/sq m, we can say that Seine et Marne is surprisingly affordable with only €2,700/sq m. It is all the more inexpensive if compared to the regional average which reaches €5,100/sq m. As a matter of fact, the Paris Ile de France region is rather prohibitive and cannot be compared to the national average but rather to other European capitals prices.

As a result, buying a property in Seine et Marne seems to be an excellent alternative to the Parisian area. It is still very close by the city and boasts almost all the assets, but it has more countryside and prices are dramatically less expensive.

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6 Reasons to Buy a Property in Seine et Marne

  • Culture, art and historical heritage: owing to its location close by Paris, Seine et Marne boasts an amazing cultural, architectural, historical and royal heritage. There are many medieval towns and villages that ought to be visited, as well as some renowned castles. Museums are also numerous and include the Ile de France prehistoric museum, the Stephane Mallarme house, etc.

  • Castles: Seine et Marne displays some of the most amazing castles in France and in the Ile de France. For instance, the Vaux-le-Vicomte castle was so beautiful that it made Louis XIV jealous of its owner and put him into jail! The three architects who built it were then hired by Louis XIV and they built Versailles. Another very famous castle is Fontainebleau, surrounding by its immense forest. Along with the castle comes the town of Fontainebleau which has kept its royal heritage. Other castles include: Blandy le Tours, Champs sur Marne, Ferrieres en Brie, etc.

  • Disneyland Paris and entertainment parks: the French most attractive entertainment park in the world is located in the Seine et Marne department. The park itself represents 13,000 jobs and as a result it is very important for the department’s economy and well being. Thanks to the park millions of visitors go to the department every year. There are other parks in the department, such as the sea life park, the felines park, the kids farm, the zoo, etc.

  • Parks and gardens: we count in the department many beautiful parks and gardens, at least as many as there are castles. Indeed, royal castles always come with amazing beautiful gardens. As a consequence you can visit the Vaux-le-Vicomte, designed by the famous architect Le Notre, and the Fontainebleau garden. Other gardens that are worth visiting also include: Bossuet garden in Meaux, Garnier garden in Provins, Donnemarie garden in Dontilly, etc.

  • Inexpensive property prices: as already explained above, Seine et Marne is surprisingly inexpensive compared to the Ile de France average. Prices in the department are even lower than the national average. As a consequence the department is an excellent alternative if you wish to buy a property in Paris but if you cannot afford it.

  • Location – transport infrastructures: the whole Ile de France region is very well located as regards international travels. With all the Paris airports you can travel all around the world. As far as the Seine et Marne department is concerned, the closest airport is Roissy-Charles de Gaulle. The department also boasts a complex TGV (fast train) network, not to mention all the regional trains which frequently go to the capital city.

Local Property Market: 2 Popular Towns

  • Fontainebleau property: the royal city is renowned both for its beautiful castle and for its huge forest. It is a piece of heaven very close by the capital city. Property prices in the town equalize the national average, which is rather low if compared to the regional average.
  • Melun property: as the administrative centre of the department, Melun is a very lively city which offers both job opportunities and a nice environment with a rich historical heritage. Prices in the town are surprisingly inexpensive, which makes Melun an excellent alternative to the French capital.
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Property Styles and Architecture in Seine et Marne

  • Detached houses: as the department is rather rural (at least comparing to the Ile de France region), you will find many small towns and villages where the main dwelling is the detached house or the village house. In the Seine et Marne department, houses have not special features, as the department has developed very quickly these last years we can say that houses are rather new and hence modern. They are built almost with the same pattern. They are usually 2 storey high, they come with a small garden and a terrace. They are very pleasant to live in and you might prefer them to apartments.

  • Half-timbered houses: in medieval towns and villages the main property style is of course the half-timbered house. As nowadays they have become fashionable again their price might be rather expensive. However it might a good idea to find one to renovate as prices will be lower and you will be able to sell it afterwards probably twice the price you purchased it. They are very classical half timbered properties with no special characteristics as in Alsace for instance. As usual, the lower part is made of cob or stone, or a mix of both, while the timber decorates the upper part of the house. corbelling structure might be used in order to hold the upper floor.

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