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Hauts de Seine is a department of the Paris-Ile de France region, north of France. The department shares borders with Seine-Saint-Denis to the north east, Val-d'Oise to the north, Yvelines to the west, Essonne to the south, Val-de-Marne to the south east and Paris to the east. Along with Seine Saint Denis and Val de Marne, Hauts de Seine forms a belt around Paris called the small crown. The smallest department of the Parisian crown, this is also the most populated (1,532,000 inhabitants in 2006). The prefecture of Hauts de Seine is Nanterre, but this is not the largest (Boulogne-Billancourt).


Hauts de Seine natural heritage accounts for around 5,000 ha of greenery located at the entrance door of Paris. With 14 parks, forests, gardens and towpaths, the department offers plenty of landscapes and great open-air activities. Discover the local birds, admire the trees and stroll along the Seine banks. Apart from its parks and woods, the department is totally urbanized. That is why it is nicknamed department-town.

Weather is almost the same than everywhere in the region i.e. mild winter, rainy autumn, mild spring and hot summer. To the north, Paris’ famous business quarter is partially built in the department, which make it very attractive and dynamic. Hauts de Seine is also home to large international companies as well as French TV channels (TF1, Canal+, France 5, M6, Direct 8…). Another asset of the department is the presence on its land of major university centres such as the University of Paris West – Nanterre La Défense.

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Hauts de Seine Immobilier & Property Market Trends

Paris Ile de France is the most expensive region in terms of property prices. Thus, whereas a property is sold €3,197 /sq m on average in France in 2009, it cost €5,066 / sq m in Hauts de Seine. Rental prices are also higher: €20.46 / sq m a month in the department against €12.22 / sq m a month in the country.

Such prices can probably be explained by the dynamism and attractiveness of the department amongst holidaymakers and inhabitants. Indeed, Nanterre housing a major university, it offers great rental opportunities. La Défense, the business quarter of Paris also make prices increase since offering good employment opportunities. This is a touristy location at the entrance door of Paris, where investing should be profitable.

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3 Reasons to Buy a Property in Hauts de Seine

  • Tourism: it plays an important role in the local authority’s economy mainly thanks to the presence of La Défense on its land. Furthermore, a part of the latter was built in Nanterre, close to a major university centre. Making an investment there should be profitable: rental opportunities are numerous. Saint Cloud park is home to the famous Rock en Seine festival. This attracts many holidaymakers in summer.

  • Activities: the department allows the practise of numerous sports thanks to its diversified scenery. Water sports, fishing, climbing, hiking, horse riding, swimming and running are just some examples. Open-air sports are also successful: effort is more pleasant when practised in the nature. Hauts de Seine is the main green department of the small crown: Forêt de Meudon, Parc de Sceaux, Parc de Saint-Cloud… Cultural places of interest are not to be missed: Malmaison castle, Sceaux castle, Arboretum of the Vallée aux Loups, Chateaubriand’s house and Meudon Observatory amongst others will charm culture lovers.

  • Location – transport infrastructures: 41 train stations, 21 underground stations, 13 tramway stations and 19 RER stations, Hauts de Seine is well-connected to the French capital Paris. Moving in the area is very easy and many destinations are quickly reachable. By 2012, some routes should be extended in order to make the traffic even easier.

Local Property Market

Nanterre property: the prefecture of the department, Nanterre is home to one of the largest universities of Paris, which makes the rental real estate market very attractive to investors. An up-and-coming area which charms most of its residents and visitors, the town gathers nature, culture and dynamism.

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Property Styles and Architecture in Hauts de Seine

  • Apartments: as everywhere in Paris Ile de France region, Hauts de Seine includes a huge number of apartments. They are ideal for those who want to buy and rent their property, rental opportunities being good in the department (university, business quarter, tourist attractions...). They have no particular architecture style but may be more or less modern, luxury and luminous.

  • Houses: some charming properties are also for sale in the area. They have the advantage to hold a piece of land at the back of the house, garage and sometimes a wine cellar. Perfect for those who plan to invest for the first time, they offer both tranquility in the home and dynamism in the towns. Hauts de Seine being in majority urbanized, houses are most of the time located at the heart of all commodities.

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