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Yvelines is a French department located in the Paris-Ile de France region, in the north of the country. It belongs to the large crown. With 1,395,000 inhabitants (figures: 2005), this is the eighth largest department of France in terms of population and the first in the large crown. It houses the amazing city of Versailles which developed around its famous castle, at the time of French King Louis 14. The Yvelines department is adjacent to Val d’Oise (north), Hauts-de-Seine (east), Essonne (south east), Eure-et-Loir (south west) and Eure (west). The east of the department as well as the north along the Seine River are part of the Parisian agglomeration, whereas the rest of the area remains rural and boasts wooded zones.


When living or visiting the Yvelines department, many people have the impression to be in another world. However, no time difference there, the department is only few kilometres to the French capital. Ideal location for green holidays or life, Paris is within easy reach. On offer: culture, discovery of the Palace of Versailles, sport and tranquillity. Planning a visit in Yvelines is like diving in art through the centuries. Gaze at Le Notre gardens in the Palace of Versailles. Admire and enjoy the exceptional natural sites at the entrance door of Paris…

Yvelines’ heritage is rich and full of gems. Discover its museum which displays archaeological items from the Prehistory to the Middle Ages. Victor Aubert museum will also tell you the popular traditions. Admire its Gallo-Roman altar and art collections. The France History Museum is the largest history museum in the world. It is located in the Palace of Versailles. A must-visit!! Many other museums are also not to be missed.

For centuries, the Yvelines department has been welcoming numerous power centres of France such as official buildings, prestigious properties, famous parks and renowned castles. Castles can be visited in the following towns: Chevreuse, Dampierre-en-Yvelines, Gambais, Le Port-Marly, Maisons-Laffitte, Medan, Saint Forget, Thoiry and last but not least Versailles. Numerous parks are also ideal locations for family or friend picnics and relaxation.

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Yvelines Immobilier & Property Market Trends

In 2009, a property in France is sold on average €3,197 /sq m and rented €12.22 /sq m a month. Obviously, prices may differ depending on the area, reputation, popularity and points of interest. This is the case for Yvelines, which gathers many of these aspects. Indeed, the presence on its land of the Palace of Versailles, of many prestigious castles and the closeness with Paris make property prices increase.

If you plan to buy a house or an apartment in the department, you should thus plan to invest about €3,895 /sq m. If you are looking for a buy-to-let, you will then be able to rent your property €17.15 /sq m a month.

Versailles is probably the most expensive city of the department: €5,134 /sq m. If you are ready to pay the price to be the owner of a property in the royal city, you will be able to benefit from all its gems in terms of architecture, culture, history and nature. Investing in Yvelines has a cost, but is it not a worthwhile pleasure?

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5 Reasons to Buy a Property in Yvelines

  • Economy: Yvelines boasts the third rank in terms of economy in Paris-Ile de France (the first is Paris and the second is Hauts-de-Seine) with 10% of the regional employments. The dominating sector is services, as in the rest of the region. It is however the most industrialized department of the region. Its GDP is higher than the France’s average and the population income make Yvelines the second richest department of France.

  • Vestiges and archaeological sites: Man has been occupying the Yvelines’ territory for 400,000 years. All vestiges of the long period are not displayed in the department but over 3,300 sites are still the testimony of ancient Yvelines peoples. From the Paleolithic period to the Middle Ages, some gorgeous sites are definitely worth visiting! Saint-Germain-en-Laye houses a great museum and wonderful site: discover the covered alley and gravestone. Discover also Gaul villages, Roman farmhouses, medieval castles, prehistoric megaliths…

  • Tourism – sights: tourism in Yvelines is privileged thanks to Paris’ closeness and is highly due to the Palace of Versailles. The latter is one of the main tourist attractions of France, with 6 millions of visitors each year. Six cities in the department are called royal towns: Versailles, Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Poissy, Mantes-la-Jolie, Marly-le-Roi and Rambouillet. Numerous castles and former royal residences can be visited as well as stronghold vestiges.

  • Festivals: theatre, music and dance festivals are organized in Yvelines. They reflect the cultural diversity of the department and allow amateurs to have a try on the stage. Professional events will give you the opportunity to meet more or less famous artists. The most renowned theatre festival is the so-called Mois Moliere, in Versailles. Music celebrations include jazz, blues, songs, world music, harp but also Baroque and classical music.

  • Activities: 1,000km of paths allow hiking, horse riding and biking. Sport lovers will be charmed and seduced by such a natural environment at the entrance door of the French capital. Golfing and swimming are also regularly practised. Yvelines attracts many tourists who are looking for relaxation and beautiful landscapes while being close to cultural places of interest.

Local Property Market

  • Rambouillet property: a rural town, this is also an idyll for hunting lovers. Rambouillet is a royal town where several kings lived. Francis I of France was renowned for loving this activity. Only 30km from Paris, the transport network is well-developed.
  • Versailles property: the archetypal French royal city, Versailles can’t be described in few words. The city has so much on offer that both French people and foreigners are seduced. Property prices are however high, but this is the price to pay so as to live in the Sun King city.
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Property Styles and Architecture in Yvelines

Although many apartments are for sale in the department, you will also find other types of property.

  • Chateaus and prestigious properties: as exposed previously, the Yvelines department is home to many castles and former royal residences, some of which being for sale. Buying a French Chateau requires a high budget (dozens of millions). They are real prestigious and luxury palaces of huge size: large land, lake, swimming-pool, outbuildings, artistic and stoical furniture are their main assets. They are very old property and are most of the time likely to have been owned by royal or powerful families.

  • Detached houses: much more simple and affordable houses are also present on the Yvelines property market. They look however very nice and full of charm. The land planted with trees is an invitation to relaxation and happy moments with family and friends. They may also have a swimming-pool, attic, garage, terrace and so on. They are often quite luxury and offer large volumes.

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