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Rambouillet is one of the subprefectures of the Yvelines department. It is located in the south of the department, in Paris-Ile de France region. Surrounded with the eponymous wood and 50km to the south-west of Paris Rambouillet accounts for 20,000ha of woods and 500ha of farmland. 25,661 inhabitants, the Rambolitains live in the lovely town.


The town land is composed at 80% of rural spaces essentially wooded. Urbanization, which was blocked by to the presence of the castle and its domain, expanded in the south and the east. The local authority managed to make Rambouillet a developed town while keeping a pleasant lifestyle and quality of life. By the way, it is sometimes nicknamed 'a province town in Paris-Ile de France': charm, way of life, street markets...

Many activities can be practised in the town: playing golf, hunting, horse competitions... This is an idyll for people who are looking for dynamism while living close to the most dynamic region of France.

Several kings lived in the town amongst which Louis XVI of France. The latter bought the castle and had a dairy in the park for the Queen Marie Antoinette. The Château de Rambouillet was also the place of numerous international meetings, of which the 1st G6 summit in 1975. The castle is surrounded with a gorgeous park with French-style gardens. This is the testimony of its rich historical past.

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Rambouillet Immobilier & Property Market Trends

A property in France in 2009 is cost about €3,197 /sq m. Prices in Paris-Ile de France are generally higher than the national average, especially if located in the small crown. Properties in Rambouillet are sold €3,745 /sq m. However, compared with other towns in the region, the area is affordable. Indeed. Property prices in Vincennes are 5,954 /sq m.

Rental prices are almost the same in Rambouillet than the national average, implying that unlike other towns where you can rent your property at a high price, buy-to-let investment in Rambouillet does not offer a quick return on investment. However, in the long term, it could be interesting renting your property, as half of the inhabitants are tenants.

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4 Reasons to Buy a Property in Rambouillet

  • Economy: Rambouillet is a dynamic economic centre whose unemployment rate is of only 5.3% (12.9% in France on average). The town also adhered to the Cosmetic Valley, an important French competition pole regarding industrials in the perfume and cosmetics sector. This is a major asset for the future development of the town.

  • Transport links: Rambouillet’s railway station allows regular travels from and to Paris in about 30 minutes. Numerous bus routes also drive to the French capital. The latter being a hub in terms of transport, it is very easy to reach any French, European or international destination. Going back to the UK is thus easy as pie, and it will take you less than two hours!

  • Hunting: the town is an attractive place for hunting lovers! The park pf Rambouillet, located next to the castle, is an ideal place for coursing (go hunting with horses and dogs, the latter killing the game), an age-long tradition. Francis I of France was renowned for its hunt. On offer: wild boars, deers, hares and foxes. To learn more about hunting in Rambouillet, you can also attend the hunt show which takes place each year the town.

  • Rambolitrain museum: inaugurated in 1984, this is one of the most important museums of France dedicated to model railway museum. The latter displays old and recent train sets. Over 4,000 items are to be discovered there! At the second floor, you can admire a big and impressive a scale model on which several trains run. This is a much-appreciated attraction, both by children and adults.

Property Styles and Architecture in Rambouillet

  • Detached houses: they are most of the time one-storey properties with shed dormers on the roof. Tiles on the later may be either made of slates or red. The front facade is in general painted in white, or at least light colours. They may come with a land, garage, swimming-pool and terrace. Houses are the ideal property type for those who want to settle in the area.

  • Apartments: unlike many other locations of the Paris-Ile de France region, they represent only half percent of the total dwellings in Rambouillet. Rooms are often of large size and equiped with modern furniture. Flats are ideal for those who are looking for a buy-to-let investment. Apartments in Rambouillet are often recent and thus they don’t need refurbushment.

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