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The 16ème is one of the largest arrondissements of Paris. Located on the right bank of the Seine River in the west of the French capital, it is definitely not to be missed. Its name of Passy comes from the former town of the Seine department, both of them does not exist anymore. It was created in 1860 from the gathering of three towns: Auteuil, Passy and Chaillot. The 16th district shares borders with the 17th, 8th, 7th and 15th arrondissements. Although it is adjacent to the latter, they have in common only their large size. Located less than 300m from the 15th, the 16ème arrondissement is totally different from its neighbouring district.

Numerous international embassies are concentrated in the district as well as international institutions (OCDE...). Formerly an industrial area, it is now composed of tree massifs, buildings, villas and high houses, sumptuous avenues and calm streets. This is one of the least populated arrondissement of Paris.

At night, the area is very quiet due to the presence of the upper class which enjoys tranquillity. This make the 16eme arrondissement one of the most conservative and family-orientated districts of Paris. In other terms, if you are looking for a lively and fashionable place, it may be better to search for an investment in another arrondissement. A great location in the capital of France for well-off people, it is also home to a famous cemetery and cultural attractions. Although it is renowned for the presence of prostitutes in the Bois de Boulogne at night, the 16th arrondissement remains one of the safest places in Paris.

All districts in Paris are divided into four quarters; as follow are the quarters of the 16ème arrondissement – about 156,000 inhabitants.

  • Quartier d’Auteuil: a former village of the Seine department, it was named after the hill where it is located. Admire the monumental Auteuil viaduct, the block of three rest-homes and the former Tuilerie small castle (which is now occupied by a convent). It is located between the Bois de Boulogne and the Seine River. Some points of interest: Sainte-Perine garden, Jardin des Serres d’Auteuil (a botanical garden set within a greenhouse) and the Radio France building.
  • Quartier de la Muette: in the 62nd quarter of Paris, gaze at the Muette castle, restored in a 18th century style. In Rue de la Tour, stare at the 14th century tower. The quarter is home to the town hall of the 16th arrondissement and Passy cemetery, where Manet (French painter), Georges Mandel (French Resistance fighter and politician) and Claude Debussy (French composer) are buried.
  • Quartier Porte Dauphine: the 63rd quarter of Paris is named after the Porte Dauphine, one of the accesses of the French capital. This is a great location for the practise of sports, such as cycling. The Lac Inférieur is also ideal for boat promenades. Visit the counterfeiting museum, stroll in Avenue Foch and gaze at the Hotel d’Ennery. Avenue Foch is a trendy street which leads to the Bois de Boulogne. The architecture is the work of Haussmann, a baron and Paris' former prefect.
  • Quartier Chaillot: a former village of Paris’ suburb, it has been existing since the 7th century. It was integrated into the capital in 1680, along with the former towns of Auteuil and Passy. Admire Chaillot and Tokyo Palaces, Clemenceau and wine museums as well as the famous Trocadero. Numerous museums are to be visited in the quarter.
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16ème arrondissement - Passy Immobilier & Property Market Trends

The real estate market in the 16th is still dynamic: it gathers prestige, closeness to the ring road, safety, quality dwellings… which make it a sought-after district. A vast area, property prices differ according to the location. For instance, Avenue Foch, Avenue Auteuil, Avenue Passy are the most expensive areas of the 16eme (€8,500 /sq m on average). Indeed, Chaillot quarter is residential area offering luxury and spacious properties, in conformity with the arrondissement’s reputation. The quarter is very sought-after amongst foreign investors.

Some buying opportunities can be seized around the Porte Saint Cloud or Bois de Boulogne, although they become rarer and rarer. If you can not afford to buy an apartment there or do not find any property for sale, another solution may be to rent a flat or house. In the north of the district quality dwellings are worth about €7,500 /sq m.

If you are looking for a modern architecture and houses or villas, the best location for you is Auteuil. The latter is sought-after amongst families due to its lively atmosphere. Foreign investors are not numerous there, large properties being usually bought by inhabitants of the quarter.

If you are looking for upscale property, here are some locations in the north of the Quartier Muette: Avenue Raphael, Avenue Ingres, Avenue Henri Martin and Avenue Georges Mandel. The south of the quarter attracts however well-off families. Most of the properties are ancient and the atmosphere looks like the one we can find in villages.

Quarter Property price € /sq m Evolution in 2008
Chaillot 7,660 -6.2%
Porte Dauphine 8,090 +1.1%
La Muette 7,600 -3.6%
Auteuil 6,840 -1.3%

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Characteristics of the 16ème arrondissement - Passy

  • Museums: art lovers will be seduced by the abundance of museums in the 16th arrondissement. The Palais de Chaillot, built in 1937, is a must-visit. It houses the national museum of the navy, cinema museum, national museum of the French monuments, Mankind museum and the national theatre of Chaillot. The first floor of Clemenceau museum will let you know more about his life and work (portraits, books, newspapers...). Visit the other local museums such as the Maison de Balzac, Musée Guimet (famous for its Asian collections), Musée en Herbe, Musée des arts et traditions populaires, wine museum amongts others.

  • Green spaces: numerous places of relaxation are on offer in this lovely district of Paris. The Jardin du Trocadéro and Bois de Boulogne are the most famous ones. The latter, one of the largest of Paris, is renowned for its bourgeoisie, posh boulevards and chic rents. A unique park, it boasts an open-air theatre where Shakespease plays are on offer during summer. It is considered as the lung of Paris. With its 486ha, it is twice as large as Central Park in New York and three times as large as Hyde Park in London. This is an ideal location for walks, especially along the ponds / lakes and rose garden. Trocadéro square is probably the best place to admire the Eiffel Tower. Other parks, gardens and squares are also worth seeing: Jardin de Bagatelle, Jardin Shakespeare and Jardin d’acclimatation.

  • Sport facilities: sport fans will find their happiness thanks to the numerous prevalent places such as the Parc des Princes (Paris Saint Germain’s football club stadium) and Jean Bouin stadium (head office of the French rugby union club). Roland Garros stadium welcomes the famous French competition of tennis. There, you can see the best tennis players during their training. Fitness trail courses will give you the opportunity the keep in form. You can also hire bicycles and small boats in the north of the Lac Inférieur. The Hippodrome de Longchamp is one of the most famous racecourses of France.

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