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Oise is one of the three departments composing the Picardy region, the other ones being Aisne and Somme. It is located south west of the region and shares borders with Upper Normandy, Ile de France and the 2 other Picard departments. Oise gathers around 780,000 inhabitants, living in 693 towns and villages. Its administrative centre is Beauvais, the sub centres being Compiegne, Clermont and Senlis.


Oise is one of the 83 departments created after the French Revolution in 1790. The area gathers three different historical countries: Beauvaisis/Pays de Bray/Vexin, Senlis/Chantilly, Noyonnais/Campiegnois. The first one is said to be the most Norman of the Picardy region. It houses the administrative centre of the department and many monuments and dwellings with a vernacular architecture inspired by Normandy. The second country is the closest one from Paris, and as a result it has been the holidays and second-home destination for many Parisians. In this area you will be delighted by the historical and architectural heritage. And finally, the last but not the least, the Noyonnais/Campiegnois country is home of beautiful forests and renowned towns, such as Compiegne.

Oise is above all a country of memory, where the past and the historical heritage are omnipresent. Owing to the closeness to the French capital city, the department offers many prestigious castles and monuments, not to mention amazing parks and gardens. It was also the stage of some bloody battles during WWI and at a less extent, during WWII. As a result, you can visit symbolic places and museums in honour of soldiers died during these battles.

Oise main asset is its proximity to Paris, which makes easily reachable from all over the world. It is however a piece of green heaven, only few kilometres from the capital which makes it a key destination for Parisians in search of greenery and pure air.

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Oise Immobilier & Property Market Trends

Property prices in Oise in April 2009

Property types Price €/ sq m Average price € Average area
Apartment 2,940 198,147 70sq m
House 2,498 325,334 131sq m
Villa 2,431 355,484 146sq m
Domain estate 2,690 515,998 194sq m
Oise Total €2,589/sq m

In 2009 in France a house is sold €3,200 /sq m. Hence, if we compare Oise average with the national one, we can say that the department is fairly affordable, or at least the area is not expensive, given its location and its assets. However, if we compare the department with the regional average (€2,200 /sq m) we can see that prices are higher. This is understandable, as Oise is the closest department of the Picardy region to Paris (where prices are out of reach!)

As far as rentals are concerned, the area offers great opportunities considering the price. Indeed, since the national average for renting is around €12.20 /sq m /month, Oise, with €13 /sq m /month is more expensive. This is positive for investors, as they can buy a property at a lower price than the national average and let at a higher price.

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5 Reasons to Buy a Property in Oise

  • Gourmet food: the department houses many forests and rivers, which provide plenty of delicious produces. The Oise gastronomy is hence based on natural produces, such as mushrooms, fishes and berries. The area is indeed renowned for its berry production, as for instance the Noyonnais area which is the French capital of berries. You can discover and taste all the local produces and specialities at one of the numerous streets markets, to the delight of you eyes, ears and mouth!

  • Authentic towns and village: Oise has admirably managed to preserve its historical heritage and monuments, despite the fact it was the stage of many battles and wars. The department offers some beautiful authentic villages that will bring you back to Middle Ages or even before! For instance, In Senlis you will me amazed by the IIIrd century ramparts that still surrounding the town! By strolling in the narrow streets you will discover the beauty of medieval half timbered houses. The medieval village of Reilly will charm you with its vernacular architecture and its parks and gardens. At the heart of the Compiegne forest you will discover the Solitude village, formerly called Saint Jean aux Bois.

  • Tranquillity and scenery: despite the fact it is located only few kilometres from Paris, the Oise department is a very quiet area where you can enjoy walking peacefully in the forest, or taking a cruise on the river. Its towns and villages are rather small and do not get crowded in summer.

  • Location – transport links: as already said, Oise has a perfect location, situated north of the French capital. This proximity has always allowed the area to develop and to become the courtyard of Paris. The department is very well linked to Paris thanks to regular TER (regional trains). It also boasts its own airport, called Paris-Beauvais, which is an international airport (although flights to England are not frequent).

  • Asterix Park: located only 30kms from Paris, but already in the Oise department, stands the unique Asterix Park in the world. It is a theme park built around the renowned Gaul comics characters, Asterix and Obelix. You will discover 5 different worlds: Gaul, Roman Empire, Greece, Vikings and the last theme is called ‘through time’ and is a mix of Middle Ages, early 1900, 30’s, etc. Both Kids and growing up persons will have fun and will learn many things about History!

Local Property Market: 2 Popular Towns

  • Beauvais property: the administative centre of the department is the closest area of Picardy to Normandy. As a result, its architecture and culture were influenced by the neighbourg people. Beauvais suffered destructions during WWII, after what it was almost entirely rebuilt.
  • Compiègne property: located only 1hour north of Paris, Compiegne is mainly renowned for its beautiful and rich forest, but also for its royal castle and its historical heritage. Indeed, the city was during centuries the favourite residence of French Kings, which mkes it today such a beautiful city.
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Property Styles and Architecture in Oise

  • Half timbered houses: they are very common in small authentic medieval towns and villages. In the west of the department they are very similar to Normand style houses. As in Picardy the stone is the main material, usually half timbered houses mix stones with a timber frame. They are mainly to be found in towns; however some farmhouses can also come with a timber structure.

  • Stone houses: the stone is the main material used in Picardy. As a result, farmhouses, as well as detached houses, or again mansions and castles are all mainly built with stones.

  • Farmhouses: in Oise you will find plenty of former barns for sale. Most of them will need to be renovated, but there are some bargains to be driven. Indeed, old farmhouses are becoming very fashionable, and it is a good business to invest in an old property, to renovate it and then to sell it twice as the former price!

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