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The Alpes Maritimes is the southeasternmost department of the Provence Alpes Cote d’Azur region, in France. The area accounts nowadays for 1,087,900 inhabitants - called the Maralpins - living in 163 towns and villages. Alpes Maritimes’ administrative centre is the renowned Nice, Grasse being the sous-préfecture. Situated along the Mediterranean Sea, next to the Italian border (east), surrounded with the Var and Alpes de Haute Provence departments to the west, the department has many assets. This part of France is famous all over the world for having actual touristy treasures: a good climate, great coastline - the French Riviera or Côte d’Azur -, a wonderful inland, etc.


Alpes Maritimes is one of the most renowned departments of France, amidst both French and foreign holidaymakers. The department benefits from 320 sunny days per year. It boasts a prestigious coast line as well as rugged landscapes along the littoral. With the Alps and the Mediterranean Sea less than one hour away by car, the choice between skiing or bathing may be difficult …Why do not do both?! The area has everything you need on offer! Services represent a significant part of the department’s economy, tourism being essential in the area’s income. The French Riviera is definitely the part of the department which attracts the most tourists. Towns such as Cannes, Antibes, Juan-les-Pins or Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat are highly appreciated by both holidaymakers and showbiz celebrities.

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Alpes Maritimes Immobilier & Property Market Trends

The Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur region is worldwide famous as it attracts many tourists and therefore is very expensive in terms of house prices. Given the perfect setting of the area - the weather, beautiful sceneries, outstanding inland, welcoming locals, etc - real estate prices in Alpes Maritimes are also pretty expensive. The national average for a property to buy in 2009 is €3,200 /sq m, whereas it is €4,387 /sq m in Alpes Maritimes. Renting prices are also higher in the department than the national average: more than €15 /sq m against €12.22 /sq m.

If you plan to invest in an apartment in this area, it will cost about €4,100 /sq m. Studio flats are more expensive than 3 or 4-room apartments as the demand is higher: €4,260 / sq m for a studio flat against €4,080 /sq m for a 3-room apartment and €4,010 /sq m for a 4-room one. As far as newly-built apartments are concerned, prices are incredibly high with an average of €5,620 /sq m. Buying a house in the Alpes Maritimes department, you should plan to invest about €661,800, depending of course on the location, number of rooms, amenities, etc.

Property prices vary definitely according to the towns. We can notice it with the prices’ examples below for an apartment to buy in several towns:

Property prices for an apartment to buy in Alpes Maritimes:

Towns Antibes Grasse Menton Nice
Prices €4,890 / sq m €3,280 / sq m €5,010 / sq m €4,240 / sq m
Date Nov. 2008 April 2009 March 2009 Nov. 2008

To get updated info about the house prices in Alpes Martitimes, please browse our French Property Market Reports published in the News Section every month.

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6 Reasons to Buy a Property in Alpes Maritimes

Alpes Maritimes are not to be missed when visiting France. Perfect for holidays, the department has all the assets to seduce everybody: the Alps and Mediterranean Sea, a breathtaking inland, good weather and many places of interest!

  • Oustanding inland: there is more to Alpes Maritimes than worldwide famous seaside resorts. With a more rugged relief and narrow roads winding in the hills and mountains, the inland is really breathtaking! Let’s enjoy an unspoiled nature at the heart of the department. Pine trees, thyme, laurel, olive trees and cactus can be found everywhere. Walking in the hinterland and being in harmony with the nature is really pleasant. The numerous cicadas will for sure accompany you in your stroll!

  • The Alps: located at the very north of the department, the Alps mountain range boast sunny ski resorts and great slopes. About 80% of the department’s surface is covered by mountains! Some ski resorts are situated at only one hour from the sea. All kind of activities can be done in the Alps all year round: snowboarding, skiing, sledging in winter, but also practising canoe, kayak in summer for instance. The Parc Naturel du Mercantour offers wonderful sceneries in more than 68,500ha! The fauna and flora in this nature park is also great with many species that have been preserved over the centuries.

  • Good food: the Provence region boasts a delicious gastronomy, mainly composed of fresh fruits and vegetables. Do taste the pissaladière (originates from Nice), a kind of pizza made of bread pastry covered with onions, pissalat (salty pastry or cream done with sardines and anchovies) and black olives. Ratatouille is also very common in the area, as well as the daube provençale: pieces of beef or bull meat cooked in red wine and served with carots, garlic, black olives, Provencal herbs and pasta or mashed potatoes.

  • Events: the area also attracts many people because of great festivals being held all year round. Amongst others: the Cannes film festival, Juan-les-Pins and Nice annual jazz festivals, Monaco International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo, the Carnival of Nice, Monaco Grand Prix car race, etc.

  • Good investment: given the popularity of the Alpes Maritimes department, it is definitely worthing investing in a property there. With all the popular tourist locations and thriving economic centres, this area is and will remain amongst the French most active ones. If you do not like spending holidays in the mass of tourists, we suggest you to rent your property during summer. The demand for properties to rent is very high from May to September, as well as the house prices.

  • The French Riviera: from the glamorous Cannes to the busy Nice, going through the relaxing Antibes and the gorgeous Menton, La Côte d'Azur seduces many people! About 10 millions holidaymakers are attracted by this prestigious area every year. More than 75,000 jobs are directly linked to tourism on the coastline. The French Riviera is famous for its pebbles or sandy beaches, but also for the sumptuous second homes, hotels and palaces that can be found everywhere. But the French Riviera is not all about luxury, Ferraris and yachts. You will also be enthralled while gazing at the towns’ surroundings and charming old quarters that have a rich and interesting history.

Local Property Market: 5 Popular Towns

  • Antibes property: located between Cannes and Nice, Antibes is a sea resort and also a great leisure-industry town which is worth visiting. Antibes boasts many wonderful beaches, a very active nightlife and festivals all year round.
  • Cannes property: this town is famous all over the world for its Film Festival which attracts plenty of international showbiz celebrities and holiday makers.
  • Menton property: Menton belongs to the famous French Riviera and is called the ‘Pearl of France’! This town has many assets: a good location (at the Franco-Italian border), beautiful gardens, festivals, etc.
  • Nice property: the administrative centre of Maritimes Alps is really thriving. The historical capital city of the County of Nice has a long and fascinating history. Do not miss a stroll in the old town!
  • Vence property: set in the hills of the department, Vence is renowned for being home to plenty of artists, painters and sculptors. This town has a real cultural heritage. It is a pleasant place to go on holiday.
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Property Styles and Architecture in Alpes Maritimes

  • Maisons Provençales: these properties are similar to villas with large dimensions and many amenities. Often constructed of stone, the walls of these houses are covered with rendering or whitewashed. The roof is made of tiles and usually slightly sloping. These Provencal houses have a complex volume with several outbuildings of different size and height. A private swimming-pool and many trees can be found on the large piece of land that accompanies the property. Such properties are a real heaven for sunny holidays close to the French Riviera or at the heart of nature!

  • Studio / flats: numerous apartment buildings offer great accommodation for holidays in Alpes Maritimes. These studio flats are of small dimensions but they have a very practical layout. They often have a kitchenette, a small bathroom with toilets, a living-room with a sofa that can be converted in a bed and one or two bedrooms. A small balcony let people admire the view over the town, hill or sea.

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