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La Ciotat is a French town located in the Bouches du Rhone department and in the Provence Alpes Cote d’Azur region. It is 31km from the east of Marseille and at equal distance between Marseille and Toulon. Its name comes from ‘The City’ – La Ciutat in the Provencal language. Its harbour plays an important role in the town economic resource.


Located between Provence and French Riviera, 230km from Marseille, La Ciotat is a renowned seaside resort. Six kilometres of beaches, two wonderful coves and covered creeks are the local natural settings. Land of culture and invention, the town is the birthplace of cinematograph. Indeed, the Lumière brothers, Louis and Auguste, shot there the first movie in 1895. Gaze at the oldest cinema of the world, situated in front if the new harbour. In 1910, petanque became a famous and popular activity in the area.

Numerous squares, chapels and old gates represent the cultural heritage of the old town. The local museum will tell you the story of La Ciotat. Numerous festivals and cultural events are organized all year long and deal with music, cinema, painting, etc. Finally, Provencal and traditional street markets will seduce you and enable you to discover typical produce.

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La Ciotat Immobilier & Property Market Trends

In 2009, property prices in La Ciotat are €4,405/sq m. Such prices are high, especially considering the national average (€3,197/ sq m). However, the town has so much to offer: amazing landscapes, numerous activities and a rich heritage which can be seen throughout the area. Another asset of the commune is its rental opportunities. Indeed, this touristy location attracts many holidaymakers during summer. This is a good location for those looking for a buy-to-let investment. Furthermore, 46% of residents are tenants, which emphasizes the eventual interest for a let in the area.

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4 Reasons to Buy a Property in La Ciotat

  • Tranquillity, scenery and sea: La Ciotat is a famous holiday resort offering great scenery, quietness and view over the sea. Indeed, it is located near the harbour and is attractive for its wonderful beaches. Many holidaymakers go there each year to visit this wonderful area and spend unforgettable holidays. Everyone is seduced by the creeks and coves. This is a good place either to spend holidays or to settle in.

  • Activities: any kind of activity may be practised in La Ciotat. Nature discovery, hiking, fishing, petanque, potholing, tennis and rally are some examples. However, water sports are probably more sought after both by holidaymakers and locals: deep-sea diving, sailing, rowing, kayaking, surfing and swimming will satisfy anyone. You will not have the time to be bored there!

  • Location – transport links: La Ciotat is located close to two airports. Marseille airport provides flights to the UK (London, Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester, Bournemouth, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dublin) and other European destinations. Toulon-Hyères airport leads to London Stansted and London Gatwick. By car, the A55 motorway drives to the town centre. By train, the high-speed line connects Paris with Marseille and Toulon. Regional trains then serve local destinations such as La Ciotat.

  • Culture and historical heritage: as La Ciotat has always been city related to ports, it has always been well integrated in trading at all stages of its history, therefore ending up with several relics of the past. For instance, you can still find castles such as fort Bérouard, or the old hotel Grimaldi-Régusse classified as a historical monument. You can also find the palace of the Lumiere brothers, the creators of the technology used for the cinema.

Property Styles and Architecture in La Ciotat

  • Villas: La Ciotat houses many properties of this kind. They are luxury and modern properties giving all the comfort needed. They come with a swimming-pool, terrace, courtyard and huge land. Villas offer wonderful scenery over the countryside or the seafront. Walls are painted in pale colours like yellow or pink.

  • Provencal houses: they are less luxury than villas but are charming properties. They are detached and one-storey houses holding a courtyard, a land planted with trees and a garage. Picture windows directly lead outside and offer luminosity inside.

  • Apartments: they represent the best type of property if you are looking for a buy-to-let investment. Indeed, tourists are interested in apartments because they are often located in the town centre i.e. close to all amenities (shops, beaches…). When built in residences, they may offer more facilities like swimming-pool, garage and land. They may hold a terrace with a beautiful view over the sea.

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