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Gex is a French town located in the north-eastern part of the Ain department, in the Rhône Alpes region. The 9,323 inhabitants of the town are called the Gexois. Gex is the administrative centre of the Pays de Gex, one of the four arrondissements of the Ain department. The town has a long history which goes back to the Gaul.


Between the Jura mountain range and the frontier with Switzerland, Gex is highly influenced by Geneva, which is located only a few kilometres from the town. Indeed, Gex belongs to the urban area of the latter and benefits from the activities around its lake. Situated at 600m of altitude, at the foot of the Col de la Faucille (Jura Massif), close to the Jura department, the town has always been a privileged passing place.

The closeness to Geneva is not the only asset of the town. Gex offers many leisure activities: hiking along the Leman Lake, mountain biking, paragliding in the nature reserve of upper Jura, golfing, skiing in the Jura mountain range and so on. There are also great places of interest in Gex’s surroundings such as Ferney’s castle and the Fort l’Écluse in Collonges. The château of Ferney (about 10km from Gex) is worth visiting. The famous French writer and philosopher Voltaire has lived in this castle for several years… The Fort l’Écluse is a fortified military monument which was built in order to control the Rhone River as it flows in the Genevan basin. This historical monument has numerous characteristics of military architecture from different centuries: towers, watchturrets, embrasures, etc. For those looking for relaxing holidays, the thermal baths of Divonne-les-Bains are perfect. The Country of Gex has everything that fits your needs.

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Gex Immobilier & Property Market Trends

Property prices in Gex are pretty expensive: in April 2009 it cost about €3,148 / square metre to invest in an apartment there and €4,450 / square metre for a house. Housing prices for apartment to buy decreased from September 2007 to December 2008, going from €3,540/sq m to €3,000, but they rose again since then. In 2008, the range of prices for a 3-room apartment to buy was comprised between €2,460/sq m and €3,190/sq m. A new built 2-room apartment cost between €3,420/ sq m and €4,530/sq m, being more expensive than a 3-room one. There are great opportunities in the rental market as 64.2% of the dwellings in Gex are apartments and 54.5% of the locals rent their property. As regards homes, you should plan to spend between €295,000 and €444,000 if you want to invest in a house in the town.

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4 Reasons to Buy a Property in Gex

  • Nature: as said before, Gex benefits from a great location, between the Jura mountain range and Leman Lake. From the town, people can admire a stunning view over the Mont Blanc mountain range. Gex is one of the ‘home towns’ of the Parc Naturel du Haut Jura (regional natural park of upper Jura). The area has an abundance of forest paths where the flora is rich and varied. It is not rare to see chamois, roe, red deers and wild boars in the forests around Gex. Nature is also very important in the town centre with the Parc des Cèdres which provides numerous playgrounds for children and strolls along the Journans River.

  • Activities: numerous leisure activities can be practised in Gex. In summer, people have the possibility to play golf, ride horses, do paragliding, but also to hike or climb. In winter, skiing is possible in the Jura or Alps mountain ranges. Just choose the leisure activities that you will do during your holidays or week-ends and enjoy emotional moments!

  • Tourism – sights: there are several historical monuments in the nice town of Gex such as a beautiful fountain from the 18th century or a 17th century-wash house. Other monuments are worth seeing: the town hall (1869), ruins of the medieval castle of Florimont, the Firemen Museum and relics from Gex’s castle. If you prefer natural landscapes, do visit the regional natural park of upper Jura or walk trhough the Col de la Faucille.

  • Rental opportunities: the town lies 5km from the Swiss border and 16km from Geneva, which is a very touristy destination and also a thriving economic centre. As more than 54% of the inhabitants are tenants, it is worth investing in a property in Gex either for seasonal short term lets or long term lets. Given the high price for real estate in the neighbouring Switzerland, more and more Swiss buy a property in Gex and the surroundings.

Property Styles and Architecture in Gex

  • Apartments: given the fact that buying a property in Gex is expensive, many people prefer to rent one. All kind of apartments can be found in Gex, from the small studio-flat perfect for students to the 5-room apartment which fits rather families. These properties may belong to housing estates, be part of buildings or houses converted in several apartments. They sometimes come with a garage and/or a cellar.

  • Châlets: Gex is of course influenced by the architecture of the neighbouring country, therefore many chalets are available in the area. Walls are most of the time made of stone and bear a structure made of wood. Chalets often offer a stunning view over the Alps, Jura and/or Pays de Gex. These properties are ideal holiday homes for those fond of skiing and hiking.

  • Town houses: detached or semi-detached, large or rather small, features of town houses vary a lot. You can find properties coming with a large piece of land or simple houses with a small garden. Town houses are always close to all amenities: shops, supermarkets, schools, etc.

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