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Thoiry is a French commune of 4,750 inhabitants, located in the Ain department and is part of the Rhone Alpes region. The town is composed of 5 hamlets, with mainly large houses: indeed, half of houses have more than 5 rooms. The area is a heaven for nature and sport lovers, being home to more animals than inhabitants.

Located in a unique setting, Thoiry has kept the warmth and authenticity of small villages. The town is very close to Geneva, in Switzerland. The town is very successful amidst foreigners willing to settle in France, with one quarter of the population not being French – 50 countries being represented. Ain is also a department with many food delights on offer and great wines which are worth tasting.

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Thoiry Immobilier & Property Market Trends

Property in France in 2009 cost €3,200 / sq m. A property in Thoiry can be bought between €200,000 and €500,000 on average, depending on the condition and the location. Properties next to Geneva being obviously the most sought-after and thus expensive ones, prices in Thoiry can reach sometimes €5,000 / sq m. However, browsing our offers, you may spot some bargain properties. Buying an apartment in Thoiry costs €2,450 / sq m. These properties can be sold or rented quite easily as an actual demand exists. Indeed the location of Thoiry is interesting and attracts foreign and French investors, since located next to the Geneva Lake, to the Alps and benefitting from good transport links.

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5 Reasons to Buy a Property in Thoiry

  • Location – transport links: getting to Thoiry is quite easy given the proximity of Geneva. Many companies offer regular or budget flights to the airport, which is only a 20-minute drive from Thoiry. By train, you can reach Lyon through the Eurostar service. By road, motorways connect the area with the main cities of France such as Paris.

  • Tourism – sights: this area is incredibly natural, as it is surrounded with the Alps and the Geneva Lake. This draws many visitors to Thoiry and ensures the success of the local tourism-related businesses such as guest houses and gites. A very good place to invest without taking risks.

  • Good food: Thoiry’s surroundings has lots of great food on offer. The volaille de Bresse is a white animal whose flesh is absolutely tasty. Local farmers have received several awards for this high-quality food which has a refined, delicate taste and is so good when eaten with a local wine. The bleu de Bresse and Bleu du Haut Jura cheeses are local specialities which were once consumed by kings. Other local deligths are sweets such as the galette au sucre. Excellent to attract tourists to this lovely area of France.

  • Tranquillity and scenery: Thoiry is renowned for offering a superior quality of life while being calm. If you are seeking peace and a tranquil, sound environment, the town is ideal. It is also a big asset to attract visitors to the area if you plan to rent a property or run a gite business. The fast return on investment there is also explained by this factor as well as by the weather.

  • Climate and weather: climate in Thoiry is generally mild. Winters can be cold however and summers are hot but with often a wind gently blowing to cool down the area. Summers are great touristy seasons and winters are becoming more and more popular given the swift access to the area.

Property Styles and Architecture in Thoiry

  • Bressan houses: these lengthwise properties originate from the local town of Bourg en Bresse. Their shape is always lengthwise and they rarely have more than 2 storeys. The gently sloping roof is a shelter for the front facade as it juts out, serving as a canopy. Tiles used are often Provence-style ones, the hipped roof boasting yellow and red colours. Walls are obviously made of exposed stones, some properties having bricks used inside the house. Bresse-style properties are gnerally former farmhouses and thus offer large rooms and, most often, outbuildings. These traditional properties can be expensive but have a huge potential both as a family house or to set up a gite business.

  • Thoiry traditional properties: many properties can be found in the area around Thoiry. They are generally completely or partially stone built houses (some have rendered walls instead) with a lengthwise shape. More modern than the Bressan houses, they are not former farms but were built to enjoy fully the environment around. Indeed, most often the view over the Alps is stunning and adds much to the value of the property itself. The roof is gently sloping and is covered with tiles, seldom with slates. A piece of land generally comes with the house. These properties are dear, offered at prices way above €200,000. However they are most often worth the price.

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