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Nyons is a town of 7,100 inhabitants, located in the Drome department and part of the Rhone-Alpes region of France. Located at the heart of a valley, this small medieval fortified town is surrounded with mountains which give it a sunny, warm climate. It is even nicknamed ‘little Nice’. However, the town is ventilated by a local wind called Pontias which makes it very pleasant to inhabit Nyons in any season. The town also has a very strong tradition of olive oil producing which makes it famous in France.

When it comes to property, Nyons offers a number of Provence-style properties whose walls are painted in warm, pleasant colours. The town being surrounded with a lush greenery, views are breathtaking, appeasing and give an even higher value to properties. Definitely a great holiday destination and an ideal place for those of you who wish to live in the sun.

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Nyons Immobilier & Property Market Trends

Drome is clearly a little-known department of France, surrounded with famous and sought-after areas such as the French Riviera or the Alps. Thus many properties in the department - and thus in Nyons - are in need of renovation and available at lower prices. However, Nyons is a quite sought-after place due to its many assets, and thus property prices can be higher there than in the rest of Drome. In 2008, property in France costs €3,197 /sq m. In Drome prices are about €1,850 /sq m and in Nyons, property can generally be found about €2,100 /sq m. To buy an apartment, allow €1,780 /sq m on average.

In spite of this higher value of property, buying property in Nyons is a very good option. First, the town and the area are sun-blessed and inhabitants live in a stunning natural environment, some poets of past centuries comparing it with a heaven. Second, the area offers a number of sport, nature or culture activities which make it very interesting to live there. Eventually, the rental potential is huge in any season, and given the steady demand, selling property there is swift as well.

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5 Reasons to Buy a Property in Nyons

  • Transport links: Nyons is accessible by plane through Avignon, Marseille or Nimes airports. TGV high-speed trains link Paris to Valence and thence Nyons. Eurostar is also available, then the local rail to Nyons. Road travel is also available of course with a range of motorways.

  • Sport and nature lovers’ heaven: the French town is ideal for those of you who lead an active life. At a crossroads between Provence, the Mediterranean and the Alps, Nyons offers much to its inhabitants. Sport lovers will love to hike in the area or practise watersports. Ski lover will be fond of the resorts of the northern Drome. Nature lovers will gaze at the many birds, plants and rare animals in the mountains nearby. An excellent asset too to draw holidaymakers, very good for gite and guest house projects.

  • Good food: Nyons offers the best produce of southern France. These produce are basically olives, lavender-related dishes and food, truffles and many vegetables, honey and cheese. To sip with this, one of the local wines will be perfect.

  • Tourism – sights: like Crest, Nyons is an old stone-built town with plenty of gorgeous properties. If you love history and architecture, living in or visiting the town will be a pure delight for you. The area is wonderful as well, with gorgeous buildings and villages on offer, in an incredibly relaxing setting. Natural wonders are also on offer with the presence of mountains and the Mediterranean within easy reach.

  • Climate: the southern Drome benefits from an absolutely great climate. The sun is present all year long (2,800 hours per year) even if rain can obviously occur. One word to describe the clinate of the area would be “mild”. The very word “gloom” is unknown, and the excellent location of the town, between mountains and plains, may explain why the climate is so pleasant. Tourist come massively in the area in summer, which is excellent for rental opportunities and upholds property prices generally speaking.

Property Styles and Architecture in Nyons

  • Stone properties: Nyons is honeycombed with lovely stone properties in more or less good condition. Being more sought-after than the rest of Drome, Nyons offer more renovated properties but good opportunities of renovating a house can still be found (please refer to table above for prices). They generally feature a gently sloping roof covered with the traditional tiles.

  • Provence houses: many properties in Nyons are provence-style ones. These properties have a riendly general aspect, with painted walls and shutters. Tiles on the roofs are traditional ones most often. The most sought-after properties boast a view over the neighbouring mountains and can be sold at higher prices most often. Many provence properties would be ideal if you have a renovation project.

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