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Half-way between Lyon and Avignon, Valence is really well located. This 65,000-inhabitant town is part of the Drôme department and of the Rhone-Alpes region. It is the prefecture of Drome. With its agglomeration, Valence reaches upto 120,000 inhabitants. The French commune benefits from excellent transport links as well.

Often referred to as the ‘gateway to the south’, Valence has a great climate. The town also benefits from the many buildings and monuments in its town centre. Nature and environment are also a major asset locally as the town and its area benefit from a lush environment… the town even has a harbour connected with a very pleasant lake. Eventually, the daily street markets are a must to taste the local produce and mix up with the locals. Valence accounts for 7,000 students and is very welcoming to new inhabitants.

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Valence Immobilier & Property Market Trends

Valence offers properties at moderate prices. The average price of a property in the town in 2008 is €1,870 /sq m. The departmental average is € 1,858 /sq m and the national average is €3,197 /sq m. The rates for rentals are also moderate, with hardly €10 /square metre /month on average, the very assets of the area being both inexpensive properties and great rental opportunities.

When looking for an apartment to purchase in the area, one can expect to pay from €1,300 /sq m qnd €2,060 /sq m. This is excellent as the rental market is developed in the French commune, the potential clientele being students and holidaymakers, which like the area a lot. Indeed, there is nothing more attractive than good food, pleasant climate and inexpensive property.

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5 Reasons to Buy a Property in Valence

  • Culture, art and historical heritage: the town and its surroundings have many buildings and monuments of interest. The many chapels, churches and museums are a delight for culture lovers. The area around the town also has plenty of similar sites such as painted walls, medieval town centres, and so on. A wonderful asset attracting quite a lot of visitors.

  • Good food: the town has its own specialities such as the Suisse biscuit with its delicate orange flavour. The Cosy is a cake made with orange and nuts and can be found only in Valence. The Pogne de Romans is a brioche speciality often prepared with rum. Other locals delights comprise pasta, olive, truffles, nougat and the local fruit.

  • Location – transport links: the area is very well served thanks to its strategic location between major cities of the south. By train from Paris (2h), Brussels (4h), Lille (3h) or London (5h). Two motorways from Lyon and Paris and several main roads. Paris - Valence : 581 Km, Lyon - Valence : 100 Km, Marseille - Valence : 215 Km. Airports in Lyon, Grenoble and Marseille within easy reach and offering many international budget flights. Valence also boasts a marina welcoming many boats all year long.

  • Climate and weather: Valence benefits from a Mediterranean climate. This means that the sun is present all year round, with a mild summer thanks to the wind. Winters can be cold. Snow is also present - at least 20 days per year - which is excellent for rentals in any season.

  • Rental opportunities: this area is excellent for rental opportunities. Property is inexpensive and Drôme offers many assets that holidaymakers love. Indeed any type of holiday can be spent here, satisfying sport lovers, foodies, people in search for quietness, culture lovers etc. An excellent place to invest in a gite business as well.

Property Styles and Architecture in Valence

  • Provence houses: in this part of Rhone Alpes, Provence houses show a different profile. They are no longer coloured houses with simple dimensions but more often stone houses inspired by mountain properties frequently seen in the neighbouring Alps. Generally massive, these Provence houses are made of local stones and often front gabled. With their large rooms and good insulation in any season, they are ideal family homes or second homes.

  • Farmhouses: in Drome and Valence, these properties, formerly used as farms, offer very large rooms and have often been converted. They are made of stones and have a gently sloping roof. Their shape can be very complex and comprise “towers”. Shutters (and internal walls) can be painted, in a classic Provence style. Their large land and lush greenery around gives them even more prestige. They generally come with a swimming pool. Ideal to make a luxury gite or to spend holidays in a refined and preserved environment.

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