France Embassy and Consulate

French Embassy and Consulate - respectively known as Ambassade de France and Consulat de France - are closely linked to the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Thanks to this international representation, France Consulate and Embassy ensure quality services to the French expats as well as a reliable management of the French companies all over the world.
The major difference between the Ambassade and the Consulat de France is that the first institution mainly deals with the French companies when the second entity - subject to the Embassy - is focused on French expats and citizens abroad. The Ambassador may guarantee the promotion and support of the international trade as well as represent the French Country, the President and the whole Government of France. As far as the General Consul is concerned, the duties are more administrative and practical as the Consulat is strictly in charge of consular services, i.e. French citizens' protection, management and control abroad. Nowadays, all European citizens are able to travel freely in any EU country (where the Schengen Agreement is implemented) and settle in without any restriction. Nonetheless, both foreign Consulates in France and French ones abroad can answer your request and help you for any administrative procedure.

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For further information about France Diplomacy and the French Embassies and Consulates, do visit the comprehensive France Diplomatie official website.

France Embassy in the UK

Given that France and the United Kingdom are close geographically, important flows occur between the two countries, either of people, money or services. You will find all the information you need about the representation of the French Country in the UK visiting the Ambassade de France English website. The French Embassy is situated in London (58 Knightsbridge - London SW1X 7JT - +44 20 7073 1000‎) whilst the "Consulat de France" comprehends offices in London (21 Cromwell Road - London SW7 2EN) and in Scotland (11 Randolph Crescent - Edinburgh EH3 7TT).

UK Embassy in France

If you have any request, administrative, medical or juridical problem during your holidays in France, the best solution is to go to the Embassy of the United Kingdom established in France. Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Lille and Bordeaux hold UK Embassy offices. The British Embassy in Paris is located 35 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré whilst you could find the Consulate-General at 18bis rue d’Anjou - 75008 Paris (+33 1 44 51 31 00).

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