Coach Companies in France

Travelling by coach is one of the cheapest ways to go from the United Kingdom to France. Coaches account for a convivial and relaxed means of transport, avoiding the stress of the plane and the crowd of the train! Plus, many regions of France are now well served by the European Coach companies.

Getting to France by coach is a really popular option for those who want to travel cheap! Widely appreciated amongst young people and backpackers, Coach Trips are indeed really cost-effective and give you the opportunity to travel all over the French regions without getting tired by driving or stressed by the overflow - as when using other means of transport.


Do not hesitate to use our Travel Guide below to make the best choice for your journey by bus; it comprehends the main Coach Travel companies connecting the United Kingdom to France.

To get more information about the regional means of transport in France and all the beautiful landscapes you can travel over, you can also browse our regional guide.

French Bus Travels are a common sight for short journeys but it is also today a very good value for every budget trip in Europe. The main coach company is Eurolines.

If you want to plan a comprehensive journey in France, do not hesitate to visit the following websites: Bus About, TrailWays and I Transport Planner.

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