France Travel Guide

Either for a brief visit of Paris or for a long stay in one of the pleasurable regions of France, it is recommended to get some useful and accurate information about travelling to France and French Transport.

What's the easiest way to go to the South of France? How can I travel to the Aquitaine region by plane? is pleased to answer your questions about the French transport. You will find below some handy tools about getting to France and travelling throughout the beautiful regions of this country.

French Airports by Name - Map of the French Regional Airports
The 147 French Airports are gathered in the "French Airport Union" which provides useful contacts and information on its website -

Airline Companies operating in France
Many airline companies operate in France, from recent low cost companies to the major Air France group, to enable you to travel both internationally and domestically.

Main French Railways
The only national railway company in France, the SNCF company, serves all the French regions and makes it possible to travel throughout many regions of the country thanks to the well-known TGV (French High Speed Train) reaching speeds over 300 km/h !

French Underground and Tube
The most important French cities like Lyon, Toulouse and of course Paris have adopted the tube. The underground is indeed the ideal way to go all over big towns quickly.

The Tram, French Tramway
French Tramways or "Trams" are a perfect way to quickly move around and benefit from a pleasurable tour of the city.

Car Rentals in France
Renting a car in France gives you the chance to self-manage your journey in France and travel at any time to any place you like.

European Coach Companies
Coach travelling offers a cheap alternative to other means of transport in France; using the ferry boat or the Eurostar train, you would be able to schedule your journey as you like.

Motorways in France
If you have come to France by car or rented one, you can readily take advantage of the French motorways. The autoroutes provide a cost-effective way to visit the different regions of France. But don't forget to drive on the right!

French Ferry Boat
Ferry boats are a popular way of getting to France. Taking about 1h30 from Dover to Calais, the ferry is a great way to travel with your family, and it is also a good value for money.

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