Paris Breaks and Tourist Attractions

There are so many things to do in Paris, from sightseeing attractions and monuments to bars and cafés! To plan a perfect, entertaining trip in the City of Lights, capital of France, here are some tips about the different arrondissements of Paris and places to see like the Louvre, the Champs Elysees Avenue or the Disneyland resort - a wide range of activities to satisfy all tastes!
Strike down prejudice, Paris is actually a small city that you can readily explore on foot! Well, at least you can avoid the well-known - busy - Métro (Paris tube) for some journeys. Many relaxing and entertaining districts of the famous Panam - or "Paname" - can be fully enjoyed when walking. For example, the Arts et Métiers station (in the 3rd arrondissement) is a quick march away from the lively yet historic Marais neighbourhood, that leads then to Chatelet (also named Les Halles) and to the townhall of Paris (Hotel de ville). Definitely worth it! To browse the map of Paris' metro or to get further information about the French Metropolitain, you can visit the official RATP (Paris underground company) website. Do not be under stress if you cannot speak French! Paris is definitely a cosmopolitan, tourist-friendly capital, every major attraction and museum has maps and information in English. But if you want to get some basics of the French language, do not hesitate to visit our special French Language page!

Shopping in Paris...

Paris is also known all around the world as the Capital of Fashion. It is not surprising then that the most famous fashion houses have some sumptuous outlets downtown. Shopping monuments and elegant boutiques are common sights in the 1st, 2nd and 8th districts. Even if you cannot afford all the luxurious items that are exhibited out there, going for a walk from the Place Vendôme to the Champs Elysées will enable you to see the most outstanding Parisian spots. The best known event dedicated to the Haute Couture houses is Paris Fashion Week. The Spring 2009 fashion shows took place at the Grand Palais on October, 1st, 2nd and 3rd. To grab a bit of hip fashion, you can anyway attend weekly fashion shows on Friday afternoon at the Galeries LaFayette... Either for jewellery, haute couture clothes, luxury furniture or even vintage shoes, Paris is definitely the right place for a Shopping Spree, but don't worry, the capital of France is also perfect for lower budgets! The French Printemps and Galeries LaFayette are the main department stores in Paris - widely known as the Grands Magasins - located on the Haussmann Boulevard, a huge shops street similar to the Rue de Rivoli which features the BHV store. New Paris ( is a new trendy website dedicated to Shopping Trips in Paris, you may find there all the info you need for perfect window-shopping weekends or holidays in Paris! Besides, you will get useful tips about cultural shopping in Flea Markets (in Saint Ouen), design workshops and antique boutiques. If you are interested in more cultural holidays in Paris, do not hesitate to visit our special Paris Sightseeing page, with useful tips about beautiful monuments, historic buildings, museums, gardens and parks not to miss during your Paris breaks! To keep you posted about Disneyland Paris entertainments , events and facilities, the easiest way is to browse the comprehensive Disneyland Paris English website.

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