Vacations in France

Vacations in France are a must. Thus it is no wonder to see that France is the first touristic destination in the world and is always attracting more visitors even if figures tend to be decreasing these years due to global financial issues.

Spending your vacation time in France is a good way to know if you would adapt easily to the country’s mentality and way of life.

Generally speaking, French vacations are relaxed and synonymous with fine wines and food as well as sunny weather. Some regions boast outstanding landscapes as Corsica and the Alps for instance, every place in the country having its own assets, be it the weather, the culture, the local food, wine, history, buildings or monuments or other local interests.

The French people live the longest lives in the world after the Japanese, and there are obviously reasons for this, why not try to find out by yourself? Also, spending holidays in the country is a good way to see if you can stand the cultural differences, that are often huge even if France is not far from the UK.

France is the ideal place to go on vacation, especially if you are interested in skiing vacations, self-catering accommodation or if you are planning to buy a French property. Paris is one of these outstanding places where history, the arts, good food and wine and the famous French douceur de vivre gather for your pleasure.

In some areas, the pace of life is 'slower' and people like to live simply generally speaking.


The French have lots of traditions, local know-hows and a very rich gastronomy. They love food and wine and people who enjoy life (the famous ’35 heures’ way of life: ‘work to live, do not live to work’), so why not go on vacation in France, relax, rent a French property or buy a house in a place you love, it is your turn to experience all these pleasures!


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