Auvergne Chaumières (Mezenc area)

The area around Mezenc accounts for many houses with steeply pitched rye, thatched or Lauze roofs. These Auvergne houses are pretty rare but extremely authentic and traditional. In most cases their architecture and layout has remained untouched for decades.

The walls of the classic Auvergne Chaumieres are made of stone. They have small windows and often come with an inside oven and a cellar.

Most Auvergne houses were thatched from the middle-ages to the early 20th century. Thatch was then replaced with more fire resistant materials. The inherent fire hazard associated with thatched roofs means there are very few Auvergne Chaumieres left.

Thatched roofs also disappeared as they socially represented a lower class rural people who lived in their simple accommodation.

Auvergne Chaumieres are very rare type of traditional house, take a look at our Auvergne property portfolio by clicking below.

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