Lower Normandy Real Estate

Lower Normandy is ideally situated between Brittany and the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. Its location and climate are attractive though it rains a lot. Prices in this region can vary a lot from one area to another, as you can see on Lower Normandy property prices

Real estate prices vary along with the department. Calvados is particularly expensive (almost double price compared to other departments in Lower-N.) since lots of Britons bought houses there, upholding the market. On the other hand, the average buying price in Orne is more than half the national average (€3,197 /sq m).

Property prices in Lower Normandy and its 3 departments in 2009
Location Apartments € / sq m New built apartments € / sq m Houses €
Calvados 2,570 3,460 188,600
Manche 1,650 3,960 144,200
Orne 1,250 2,760 120,600
Lower Normandy 2,290 3,290 154,600

If intending to buy in this region, bear in mind that the real estate prices can vary a lot depending on where you settle. Do not necessarily focus on the coastline or on big town centres as lovely properties are more affordable in ouskirts. Some miles can make a difference.

Calvados property Manche property
Orne property