Burgundy Chateaux

Here is a selection of beautiful chateaux all around the Burgundy region. These magnificient structures are often masterpieces in defensive or in artistic views.

  • Berze-le-chatel: with its 13 tourets overlooking the Maconnais valley, this chateau is a 13th century fortress. It also has an old chapel hidden in its gardens.
  • Brancion: inside the old fortified town, this chateau is the biggest stronghold of south-Burgundy. This is a tipical example of the military constructions in the Middle Ages.
  • Cormatin: built from 1605 onwards, this castle has perfectly kept 17th century apartments, and is full with the renaissance splendure. It also has splendid gardens with a maze.
  • Couches: the donjon from the 12th century, the towers and fortified walls from the 13th century remind us that this used to be on of the most important strongholds at the time.
  • Chateau de Drée: this is an other beautiful piece from the renaissance periode. The chateau dates from the 17th century and is still in excellent condition.
  • Demigny: rebuilt in the 18th century on top of an old fortress, this castle has an amazing panoramic view of the surounding countryside.
  • Brandon: this intersting castle was originally built over an old roman fort. It is an old stonghold with two inner courtyards and is a good example of small medieval castles.
  • Sully: widly known for its rich historical past and its amazing architecture and decoration, the Sully castle is the "piece of resistance" of the Burgundy region.

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