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  • For those looking for a pleasant way of life, Burgundy is the best destination with lots of assets, such as fine food and wine and many sites of historical or natural interest.
  • Well situated in the east centre of France is close to the cities of Paris and Lyon. Burgundy is easy to reach by road from Calais or by TGV from Paris thanks to an important network.
  • In the Burgundy region,the property market is cheaper than in the south of France and offers a large choice at affordable prices.
  • Price depends on location. Around Morvan, the less popular area, prices are especially and fairly cheap while in the Côte d’Or, the most attractive one, prices are more expensive and the demand higher.
  • Even if some parts of the Burgundy region are not particularly popular with foreign buyers, Burgundy attracted more and more buyers the past few years.
  • Burgundy has always been a stable market and became a fast-moving market for investors. The average price of a 2 bedroom apartment in the Burgundy region is from 110,000 to 150,000 Euros while the price of a 4 bedroom house is from 185,000 to 225,000 Euros. On the other hand a charming manor of 500m2 of living space with 2 hectares of land is from 500,000 to 1 million euros.
  • Burgundy abounds in attractive traditional property styles like half timbered town house. Indeed, Burgundy offers number of properties to buy with lots of charm and great architecture such as: stone buildings with old oak beams, barns,cottages, farms, town or detached house, flats, either in appealing villages or in dynamical towns. In the vineyards areas, near Beaune, typical and impressive "bourgeoise" houses can be found.

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