Champagne Ardenne Brick and Chalk Houses

Champagne Ardenne is the perfect place if you want to find brick and chalk houses. At the crossroads between the Picardy and Lorraine regions of France in both geography and architectural style. These traditional houses have been influenced both by their location and by the geology of the region, that provides ythe required construction materials.

Some Champagne Ardenne chalk houses are also partially half-timbered, with the front façade of the house being made of chalk and the rear of the house being half-timbered.

Chalk houses are generally very luminous, with many windows and recognisable window frames made with red bricks. Roofs are tiled and red too. The bricks give a very prestigious appearance to these traditional French houses.

The appearance of traditional Champagne Ardenne houses is in fact much more determined by the colour of the timber frames than by the colour of the bricks. the Red wooden framed houses are very recognisable.

It has to be taken into account when planning a restoration of one of these properties that you may be required to retain traditional appearance of the house. Local planning authorities could ask you to modify any unsympathetic amendments made to a property.

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