Upper Normandy Gites Apartments and Cottages

Upper Normandy is still a really "wild" region of France. Many accomodations can be found in the countryside as well as cities.

Here are the different types of accomodations you could find:

  • The Gites de France

    Gites de France label is the most famous and serious label for Gites in France and thus in Upper Normandy. It has full support of the French Ministry for Tourism for its quality. 42,000 gites are represented. Though really authentic, they often boast modern conveniences like wireless internet and TV for instance. Upper Normandy, thanks to its typical architectural style and to its traditions, is a very interesting region to find a Gite. Its strong culture and identity due to a long History and its role during the second World War, will for sure provide some very interesting places to visit.

  • Cottages in Upper Normandy

    Many cottages can be found, either to rent or buy, just minutes from the cities and even closer. This type of property is always easier to buy than to rent since there are plenty of properties for sale in this area. The prices in Upper Normandy should be Upper than elsewhere in France. However, you will find a large range of Cottages in Upper Normandy, with a lot of different kind of architecture, and you can be certain it will match your requirements. Either you are looking for a Thatched Chaumiere or a Longere Property or even another kind of cottage, you will have the choice.

  • Rent or buy an apartment

    Apartments in Upper Normandy can be really cheap depending upon their location, and many bargains can be found, either renting or buying. Bargains are foremost located around big cities. If you look for apartments in Rouen, Le Havre or Dieppe for example, you can certainly drive some bargains. Thanks to some active and dynamic relatively big cities, property market is quite flexible and you will be able to rent your flat quite easily if you planned on doing so.

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