Upper Normandy Property Market

Most houses in Upper Normandy are large ones, with 60% of houses comprising 4 rooms or more, and really few flats (under 5%).

  • Upper Normandy is located in the extreme North Eastern part of France, along the Atlantic.
  • Upper Normandy property market is popular with the British due to its location and spectacular scenery. Prices are quite high.
  • Upper Normandy is particularly attractive for second home buyers or permanent home buyers who are looking for welcoming and typical towns or quiet and characterful villages.

Upper Normandy is quite a dynamic region, it has some of the biggest ports of France and even of Europe, and has quite a big part of tourism in its economic activity. It is a very sought-after place for Britons coming to France and for northern Europeans either coming for holidays or settling in.

Property Market Facts in Upper Normandy
First home ownership
In Upper Normandy there are about 698 781 principal homes.

Second home ownership
In Upper Normandy there are about 43 835 second homes.

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