Causses Traditional Houses

The traditional Causse house is constructed entirely of stone, with stone arches along the spine of the house. In this Causses area of the Languedoc Roussillon there is very few traditional properties with wood beams since the roof structure needs to be strong enough to bear the weight of extremely heavy Lauze roofs. These often weigh more than 250 kg /sq m.

Due to the thickness of the walls, the windows and doors are generally small. On the roofs, Lauze tiles are not fixed as their own weight provides the roof with enough stability and the roofs are gently sloping.

Building stone houses in the typical Causses architectural style was also a way to prevent fire spreading. The only available local material is limestone.

As in many other regions of France, this type of Languedoc property was originally the sign of the wealth and power.

It is also not rare to find outbuildings attached to a traditional Causse house. Most houses in the Causses area of Languedoc Roussillon have two vaults. One arch supports the ground level and the first level while the other one supp ports the roof.

The Causses is definitely the most calcareous area in Languedoc Roussillon. Causses is the word used to describe valleys protected from the wind by mountains on one side and exposed to the sunshine on the other sides.

As in the Cévennes area, the upper floors can be accessed without stairs due to the house being positioned against the hillside.

Some Causses house have a gallery with arches and columns, they are then referred to as Aragonaise houses (where the Spanish style influences the local architecture).

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