Traditional Limousine Houses

This typical French farmhouse has many outbuildings, the house clearly being a lenghtwise one, inevitably recalling the famous Longere Traditional French house.

In the west of the Limousin region, properties are similar to Charente ones, foremost in the dimensions and red tiles used on roofs. The latter are steeply pitched. Walls are made of diversely coloured gneiss (Granite-like rock naturally formed at temperatures above 550°c), schist or red sandstone like in the well-named Collonges-la-Rouge.

Around Brive, stone made ochre properties have slated roofs. All around the region, grey and blue Lauze (river flat stones), slates and small brown tiles can be found on the Properties’ roofs.
In Creuse, grey, pink or ochre Granite is foremost used to create traditional houses. Roofs are made of schist Lauze or slates. This recalls Breton Standing Stones Houses. Limousin houses are original properties and vary in their use of different materials, roofs and craftsmanship.

Corrèze property Creuse property
Haute Vienne property