Limousin Property Market

Most houses in Limousin are large ones, with 64% of houses comprising 4 rooms or more, and really few flats (under 5%).

  • Limousin is located in the Centre of France along the beautiful mountain of Massif Central.
  • Limousin property market is very popular within the British due to this area's strong character, its calm and its preserved culture and way of life.
  • Limousin is particularly attractive for second home buyers or permanent home buyers who are looking for welcoming and typical towns or quiet and characterful villages.
  • They can choose to relocate in places like: Limoges, Brive, La Souterraine, Tulle.
  • Today the area around Limoges is one of the most popular ones among British newcomers. It is really close to Aquitaine with Bordeaux and its famous wines and vineyards.

Property Market Facts in Limousin
First home ownership
In Limousin there are about 311,603 principal homes.

Second home ownership
In Limousin there are about 50,798 second homes.

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