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The help FAQ will should answer the most common problems some users come across such as how to begin advertising with, How to obtain more details about a property and sharing property advertisements with your friends and family.

1. Using the site

2. Enquiries

3. Newsletter subscription queries

4. Queries & Complaints


1.1. Why can't I log in to the

Access the homepage and log in using the quick login box on the left hand side of the page. Alternatively access the login page at the following address: Try to log into your account using your username and password, you will have received this information when your account was created. Username: Your username (often your email address) Password: As requested. If you have followed the above procedure and are still unable to login please do the following: Check to see if your username and password are definitely correct and ensure that you are using the correct casing i.e. uppercase and/or lowercase. If the problem persists the login problems could be due to your computer settings. Cookies must be enabled to login to If cookies are not enable, please do the following:

  • Open your web browser and click on the 'tools' tab at the top of the page.
  • Select 'internet options' in the drop down menu.
  • Click on the privacy tab. From here there should be a button called 'sites', in here type in the website address '' (without single quotes) then click 'allow'.

If login problems persist contact our support team at

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1.2. How do I use

You can search for a French property on our site by using the search options at the top of the web page. You can search by region, price range, property type and type of advertiser. We also have a keyword search function where you can find properties based on specific words that you enter. Our advanced search option will let you locate properties based on specific attributes that they hold e.g. condition, electrical options, drainage etc. If you obtain too many results try to narrow down your search by using keywords of drop down specifics. When you find a French property you are interested in all you need to do is click on the "Enquire about this property" link on the advertisment and fill out the contact form with your questions or request a viewing of the property, this will send an email the vendor to let them know of your interest and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

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1.3. How can I tell if a property is for sale?

All property advertisments on our site are properties for sale, we send out monthly emails to our agents and classified users to confirm that the property is still for sale, however, the property may be sold during this period and the agent/classified user may not have contacted us to state that the property has been sold, therefore, we suggest that you contact the agents/classified seller via our site for more information on this matter.

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1.4. Is there any way to find more details about a property?

You can find out more details about the property you are interested in by clicking the "Enquire about this property" link on the property advertisment. By doing this you will send an email straight to the vendor and you can request more details on the property or perhaps arrange a viewing.

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1.5. Can I share these properties with other people?

You can send friends or family any property advertisments by using the send to a friend button on any property advertisement (including rental) and then fill out the required information. The advert will then be sent to your friends inbox for them to view.
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1.6. Is there a way to save the details of properties I’m interested in?

By registering for free you can save a french property advertisment you have viewed by clicking the "Add to folder" button, this will put the advertisment in your property folder in your account, so you can monitor it for any changes in details, prices etc. Any properties you have enquired about will also be put in this folder.

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1.7. How do I begin advertising my property?

All you need to do to start advertising with us is to register with
Once you fill out the registration form you will receive an activation email, this email will ask you to confirm that you want to register with us. You can then begin creating a French property advertisement. To view more information about buying an advert click here. You can contact our advertising team with any enquiries you have about advertising a property with us at:

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2.1. The vendor hasn't responded to my enquiry, what should I do?

Some users of the site do not check their email daily and as such we suggest waiting a week if you have not had a response to your enquiry. If you have not had a response after one week we would be happy to pass on any enquiries made to agents, just email: Unfortunately if the property is for sale by a private user we cannot provide any further details bar what has been made available in the advert itself.

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2.2. How do I know a property and seller are legitimate?

  • Contact the vendor by telephone. This will give you an insight into their intentions and is more personal then contacting them by email.
  • Ask for references to previous property buyers
  • Conduct a secure payment, you should be cautious if the seller requests the money to be paid through a third party.

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4.1. Can you arrange property viewings for me?

Unfortunately not. We provide the advertising space for the French agents and classified sellers, we do not get directly involved with the selling or buying of French property like an estate agent. If you would like to request a viewing of a property please send an enquiry to the vendor and I'm sure they will be happy to show you around their property.

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4.2. How can I give feedback about

We appreciate any comments or suggestions please contact us.

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