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Minor Building Works Consent Procedure

Friday 01 April 2011

Some changes have been introduced in the consent procedure for minor building works to property.

You do not need to seek planning permission for all building works in France.

Indeed, for the most part, internal building works are exempt from the need for any form of prior consent, other than works to listed buildings.

However, for other minor works an application called a déclaration préalable is necessary.

The government have recently simplified matters (!) by now introducing three different forms, for different types of properties and works.

The forms are:

  1. i. A works declaration for the division of land into new building plots (Cerfa n° 13702 *) ;
  2. ii. A form for works to an individual dwelling (Cerfa n° 13703*01);
  3. iii. A form for a change of use not requiring planning permission, and works to property other than an individual dwelling (Cerfa n° 13404*01)

Our general advice would be that, if you are at all uncertain, always visit your local mairie or the prefecture to get advice on just which form you need to submit and the supplementary information required to be accompany it.

The planning and highways authority in the prefecture is called the Direction Départementale de l'Équipement (DDE), although with organisational changes taking place, the nomenclature is in the process of being changed.

You can read more at Works Declaration in France

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