8. Works Declaration in France - Déclaration Préalable

  1. Applicable Works
  2. Application Procedure
  3. Completion Notice
  4. Appeal Process

8.1. Applicable Works for a Déclaration Préalable

There are some building works that do not require planning consent, but submission of a works declaration.

The works declaration is called a déclaration préalable.

Those building works that require a works declaration can be summarised as follows:

  • An extension to an existing building not greater than 20m² (40m² where local plan in place) including attic conversions;
  • New building not greater than 20m²;
  • Creation of any openings in a building;
  • Changes to the exterior finish of the property;
  • A submerged swimming pool;
  • Works to historic listed buildings not requiring planning consent;
  • Boundary wall or fence above 2 metres;
  • Change of use of a building, even where no works undertaken (although planning consent required if external structure altered or structural work undertaken);
  • Installation of temporary caravan.
  • Major excavation of land or raising of land levels
  • Cutting or lopping of trees in woods, parks or forests prescribed in a local plan. This might also apply to protected hedgerows.

For any works in a protected area (secteur sauvegardé, site classé, réserve naturelle) then consult with your local council.

If you are unsure of whether a works declaration or planning application is required you can read more at building works requiring planning consent..

In this regard, any new building or extension under or equal to 5m² does not require any formality, unless any of the other criteria above apply.

If your application is successful, planning taxes are payable, about which you can read more at Taxes d'urbanisme.

In addition, depending on the type of works, it is also possible the rateable value of your property will be increased, as a result of which you will pay higher local property taxes.

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