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Business In France

Ten Top Tips for Starting a Business in France

For those looking to set up a business in France, Sally Stone, founder of the national network of property managers Les Bons Voisins, gives some very helpful advice.

Saturday 13 May 2017

Micro-Entrepreneur Sales Accounting

Micro-entrepreneurs pay social security charges on their annual sales, but on invoiced sales or actual cash received?

Tuesday 04 April 2017

Social Security Rates on Furnished Lettings

The success of on-line platforms such as Airbnb has obliged the government to revise social security regulations on rental income from furnished lettings.

Friday 03 March 2017

Micro-Entrepreneur Reduced Social Security Charges

The level of the fixed rate social security contribution payable by micro-entrepreneurs has been slightly reduced for this year.

Friday 03 March 2017

Sales Grow at Gites de France in 2016

The Gîtes de France recently released their latest sales figures, providing a useful insight into the activity of this substantial and influential body.

Monday 06 February 2017

Status of Spouse in Micro-Entrepreneur Business

What is the fiscal and legal status of a spouse who assists in a micro-entrepreneur business run by their partner?

Monday 06 February 2017

Business Rates Relief in France

All businesses in France are liable for business rates, although there are several temporary and permanent exemptions and reductions, including some for landlords.

Friday 06 January 2017

Business Income Tax Relief in Rural France

Business start-ups in rural development areas of France can obtain complete exemption from income tax for 5 years.

Friday 04 November 2016

Pension Rights of Micro-Entrepreneurs 2016

Micro-entrepreneurs need to realise a minimum turnover each year to obtain entitlement to a French pension.

Friday 04 November 2016

Landlord Insurance Against Non-Payment of Rent

Landlords in France can take out an insurance policy against the non-payment of rent, but it does require due diligence is undertaken.

Friday 04 November 2016

Business Accounting for Micro-Entrepreneurs

Business owners in France who adopt micro-entrepreneur tax status benefit from minimal statutory accounting obligations.

Tuesday 04 October 2016

Security of Tenure of Senior Citizens

Elderly tenants in France have a particularly strong security of tenure, which has recently been reinforced by a bizarre ruling of the French Supreme Court.

Monday 05 September 2016

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