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Guide to Starting a Micro-Entreprise Business

Wednesday 07 March 2018

We have updated and substantially enlarged our guide to setting up and running a micro-entreprise business in France.

A range of changes to this business status have been introduced in 2018, which have now been included in the guide. The changes include:

  • Revised maximum turnover levels
  • Revised rules relating to VAT
  • Changes to social security rates
  • Business registration procedures

We have also taken the opportunity to broaden the scope of the guide, to include:

  • Status of a spouse/partner
  • Business accounting
  • Business rates
  • Multiple Business Activities

You can read about these and other changes on the clickable links in the table below.

If you seek assistance in with the micro-entrepreneur registration process, you can contact us at We are able to offer accompanied telephone assistance with on-line completion of your application for a modest charge.

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