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Guide to French Health System

The latest release of our free guide to the French health system, covering rights of access, the registration process, charges, and receiving health care.

We have taken the opportunity to review many parts of the guide in the light of some significant recent legislative and operational changes.

Your own contribution to providing us with new insights has been most useful in this review process.

The index of the revised guide is set out below.

  1. i. Overview of French Health System
  2. ii. Registering with the French Health System
  3. iii. Protection Universelle Maladie (PUMA)
  4. iv. Voluntary (Top-Up) Health Insurance
  5. v. Your French Health Card
  6. vi. Your French Family Doctor
  7. vii. Non-Reimbursable Health Charges
  8. viii. Treatment of Long Term Illness
  9. ix. Receiving Health Care
  10. x. Dental Treatment in France
  11. xi. Opticians & Ophthalmic Treatment
  12. xii. Breast Screening
  13. xiii. Health Complaints System

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This article was featured in our Newsletter dated 03/08/2016

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