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French Universities Still Open for Business

With places in short supply in UK universities, and fees on the increase, attending a university in France may be an easier and cheaper option.

French universities do not have a great reputation when compared to others in Europe.

There are many reasons for such a poor image, notably a lack of rigorous selection on entry, a low level of investment in buildings and teaching, and a lack of pastoral care.

Nevertheless, it would be a mistake to tar every institution with the same brush, as there are significant differences across the country and between institutions.

In particular, some of the more specialist institutions of higher education offer an excellent range of courses, coupled with a strong student centred approach.

Fees are also generally very low, and there are large number of means tested grants available.

It is also still possible to obtain a place at a French university for the forthcoming academic year, which can be done up to 30th September on the site of Admission Post-Bac.

Alternatively, if you wish to attend a university in the UK, the normal range of loans and grants are available to a British national living in France.

You can read more in our recently updated guide to French university education:

  1. 1. Overview of Higher Education in France
  2. 2. French Universities
  3. 3. Grandes Écoles
  4. 4. Technical and Specialist Institutes
  5. 5. Sections de Techniciens Supérieurs (STS)
  6. 6. Student Tuition Fees
  7. 7. Student Financial Support
  8. 8. Adult Education

You can find the complete guide at French University Education.

This article was featured in our Newsletter dated 15/09/2010

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