4. Technical and Specialist Educational Institutions in France

  1. Technical Institutes
  2. Specialised Schools

4.1. French Technical Institutes - Instituts Universitaires Technologiques - IUTs

There are specialist techncial institutions in France called Instituts Universitaires Technologiques - (IUT). Some of them offer more intensive studies and are renowned for this, they are then called Instituts Universitaires Professionnalisés - (IUP).

These are vocationally based higher education institutions attached to a university.

They also have close links with industry and commerce and students undertake approximately six month of work placement as part of their studies.

Despite the emphasis on work experience there is widespread criticism of the quality of the opportunities that are offered and the experience thereby gained.

Nowadays, IUT offer the DUT (Bac+2) diplomas but often transfer to the IUP structure for those students who want to continue until the Master’s degree. The institution is the same but on an administrative level, the status is slightly different.

Students study for the same level of qualifications as those at a standard university and can continue Licence studies afterwards.

At the end of their studies students are awarded a Diplôme Universitaire de Technologie (DUT).

Entrance is on the basis of obtaining a BAC together with written tests.

There are 25 DUT qualifications available offered through 112 IUTs.

4.2. Specialised Schools of Higher Education in France

There is a wide variety of these specialist higher education establishments.

The list includes the Ecoles d'art, Ecoles de journalisme, Ecoles d'architecture, Ecoles spécialisées en formation audiovisuelle, Ecoles de comptabilité, Ecoles paramédicales and Etudes médicales.

Admission requirements vary but normally include a nationwide examination. The level of fees also varies considerably.

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