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School Term and Holiday Dates in France 2011/12

Thursday 01 September 2011

A summary of French school term and holiday dates for 2011/12.

School Term and Holiday Dates 2011/12
Holidays Zone A Zone B Zone C
Grenoble, Lyon,
Nantes, Rennes,
Besançon, Dijon,
Lille, Limoges,
Nice, Orléans-Tours,
Poitiers, Reims,
Rouen, Strasbourg
Start of School TermClasses start Monday 5/09/2011
All Saints Holiday End of classes Saturday 22/10/2011
Classes return Thursday 3/11/2011
Christmas HolidayEnd of classes Saturday 17/12/2011
Classes return Tuesday 3/01/2012
Winter HolidayEnd of classes Saturday 11/02/2012
Classes return Monday 27/02/2012
End of classes Saturday 25/02/2012
Classes return Monday 12/03/2012
End of classes Saturday 18/02/2012
Classes return Monday 5/03/2012
Spring HolidayEnd of classes Saturday 7/04/2012
Classes return Monday 23/04/2012
End of classes Saturday 21/04/2012
Classes return Monday 7/05/2012
End of classes Saturday 14/04/2012
Classes return Monday 30/04/2012
Summer HolidayEnd of classes Thursday 5/07/2012
Classes return Tuesday 4/09/2012

Administrative Organisation

The following graphic shows the geographic organisation of school 'Academies' across the country, the regional administrative offices of the Ministry of Education.

Source : Ministère de l'Education Nationale

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