French School Education

Welcome to our comprehensive Guide to French Schools, your indispensible on-line resource to the education system in France.

Our tour of the education system in France is a long one, as we examine the basic structure of the system, as well as the individual stages of schooling - from crèches in France to primary and secondary schools in France.

There is also a short review of private and international schools in France.

We hope our guide prepares you better for the difficult decision you need to make about the education of your child in France, and ultimately on the French school you wish them to attend.

  1. Overview of French School Education
  2. Who is Responsible for What?
  3. Basic Structure of French School Education
  4. General Operation of Schools
  5. Crèches in France
  6. Nursery School
  7. French Primary School
  8. Lower Secondary School
  9. Upper Secondary School
  10. Parents and Schools
  11. Special Educational Needs
  12. Private French Schools
  13. International Schools in France
  14. School Education Grants

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