10. Parents and Schools in France

  1. Parents and Teachers
  2. School Council
  3. Parents Associations
  4. Complaints System

10.1. Parents and Teachers

As a rule, parents are encouraged to take an active interest in the school, either in a representative capacity or individually.

That having been said, like many professionals in France, teachers can have a strong sense of their own self-importance, so you may well find that they do not necessarily see you as an equal partner in the relationship.

The high level of industrial action and sickness absence by teachers causes many to question whether they take their responsibility seriously enough.

The government are keen to see the more widespread involvement of parents in schools, both at an individual level and through parents associations.

Accordingly, the law guarantees the right of parents to meet at least annually with teachers, and facilitates the participation of associations in the running of the school, and in the representation of parents.

In practice, most schools provide an opportunity at least once a year to meet individually with teachers to review your child’s progress and, in many cases, you will be invited to do so twice a year.

Nevertheless, if you do feel a sense of exclusion then take it up with the local parents association.

Similarly, if you have a reasonable command of the language, and you are interested in a representative role, you can stand for election to the school council and/or participate in the local parents association.

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