10. Parents and Schools in France

  1. Parents and Teachers
  2. School Council
  3. Parents Associations
  4. Complaints System

10.2. French School Councils

There are a number of committees at school on which parents are represented.

All schools have a school council, comprising parent representatives, teachers, the education authorities and pupils (at secondary schools).

At nursery school the school council is called a Conseil d’école, whilst at collège and lycée it is called a Conseil d’administration.

The council has limited powers but a strong consultative role. It meets three times a year.

The role of the school council at collège and lycée is stronger than that at nursery school. It agrees the school budget, rules and regulations, discipline procedures, and the costs of certain services.

The chair of the school council is the head of the school.

Parents are elected annually by a secret ballot from amongst the parents of children attending the school.

In secondary schools there is also a Conseil de classe, which deals with pedagogical issues, notably the academic orientation of each child, and whether a child should repeat a year.

Both parents and pupils are also represented on this committee.

Finally, at secondary schools there is also a conseil de discipline, which deals with serious discplinary cases, involving the possible temporary or permanent exclussion of a child from the school.

Once again, both parents and pupils are also represented on this committee.

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