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Guide to Buying Property in France 2021

Thursday 25 November 2021

We are pleased to announce the latest release of our FREE 40-page guide to the legal aspects of buying property in France.

France has one of the safest property transfer systems in Europe, with a process that is highly regulated and rigorous, offering strong safeguards to the buyer.

Nevertheless, that does not mean that an entirely uniform approach is adopted, either in the form of the contract or who prepares it.

The nature of the legalities means that buyers are contractually committed far earlier in the process than occurs in the UK, making the initial contract of significant importance.

Although some estate agents and notaires offer a bi-lingual service, there is a substantial amount of legal documentation, which is entirely in French, using often complex terms with which foreign buyers are unlikely to be entirely familiar.

There may also be inheritance issues to consider, a factor that may influence the ownership structure that is adopted.

Moreover, whatever the legal framework, any system relies heavily on the parties to the transaction acting in a competent and honest manner, which can never be guaranteed, in any country.

As a result, buyers need to have their wits about them and be rigorous and cautious in approach. 

The full guide can be found at Guide to Buying Property in France, but those who wish to consult a particular section can use the clickable links in the table below.

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