Legal Process of Buying Property in France

Welcome to our Guide to Buying a Property in France, a comprehensive on-line resource to the legal process of French property purchase.

We take you through all the stages of the purchase process, from the initial contract to completion.

The guide includes a review of the main legal issues you need to consider, as well as information on fees and taxes, surveys and the different forms of property ownership possible in France.

  1. Our Top Tips
  2. Offer to Buy
  3. Contract Process
  4. Contract Conditions
  5. Property Surveys
  6. Local Searches
  7. Sole Ownership Structure
  8. Joint Ownership Structures
  9. SCI Company Ownership
  10. Which Ownership Structure?
  11. Completion
  12. Fees and Taxes Payable
  13. Annex: Pre-Contract Enquiries
  14. Glossary of French Property Terms

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